Restaurant To Another World Season 2 : Release, Recap and Watch Online

The show is an anime adaptation of a novel with the same name. The writer of the novel is  Junpei Inuzuka. It was first released in January 2013. The anime adaptation of the series gained immense popularity among netizens, and now they are waiting for season 2 to air as soon as possible. Don’t worry; we are here with all the latest updates about the Restaurant To Another World.

What is Restaurant To Another World about?

Restaurant to Another World
Restaurant to Another World
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A restaurant on the first basement floor of a building at a small corner of a shopping district named Yōshoku no Nekoya. The normal customers include the people from the nearby office area. But there is a secret hidden in the restaurant. When the restaurant is off for normal people every Saturday, it is occupied by some special customers. For all other days, it is just a restaurant for normal office people, but on Saturday it is not just a restaurant but a place open for customers of other world and them it is a place with the cuisine they have never heard or tasted before.

Is there Season 2 for Restaurant To Another World?

There is good news for the fans that season 2 of the show has been approved. The news was up on the official Twitter account of the show.

The tweet translates as “The second production decision! Long time no see the restaurant to another world Official Thanks to everyone’s support, the door to another world has been reconnected. Thank you very much!”

confirmation to season 2 was also announced in the June 2021 edition of the monthly Shonen Ace magazine

When Will The Season 2 Release?

Restaurant to Another World
Restaurant to Another World
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There is no confirmed exact date for the show’s second installment release, but we can expect season 2 to hit our screens anytime in 2022 as the show’s creators officially announce the show’s renewal.

Where To Watch Online?


The official streaming partner for the show is Crunchyroll and Funimation, and you can watch the first season of the anime on any of the platforms mentioned above.