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World Trigger Chapter 207: Release Date, Countdown

In simple words, one can define World Trigger as one of the best stories that successfully portrays the plot of “Alien – Invasion”. Written by Daisuke Ashihara, the series garnered a lot of attention in the early 2013s with now its own critically acclaimed anime television series.

Sadly, the series has lost its former popularity over time. Never the less the manga, much to the delight of the fans, is still currently ongoing. The anime series has also been revived for season 2 with 13 episodes, showing a ray of hope to the anime fans.

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This article will discuss the release date of the latest chapter of World Trigger, also giving the curious fans a run of the plot.

World Trigger Chapter 207 Release Date and Time

World Trigger season 1 poster
Image: Crunchyroll

Due to the recent Japan Earthquakes and the poor health of the author Daisuke Ashihara the new chapter might take a while to hit the shelves. With chapter 206 already running behind schedule, fans can expect chapter 207 to be released on the 4th of May 2021 at 12:00 a.m. (JST).

Fans can access the latest chapters on Viz Media, which is also the licensor and the famous manga publisher of the series. The interested fans can also stream the anime on sites like Crunchyroll and Viz Media.

Plot and Introduction to the story


The story of World Trigger revolves in the fictional Mikado City. One day out of nowhere, a “gate” or a “portal” to the other world opens itself, letting loose the monstrous creatures from another world into Mikado City.

The neighbour world
Image: Crunchyroll

The monstrous creatures began to be referred to as the “Neighbours”. The neighbours were more powerful than humans had ever imagined. No weapon used against them could do them any harm. They were the true definition of “Invincible”.

Invasion by the neighbours begin Image: Crunchyroll

The monstrous aliens left humanity in an utter state of panic and despair. When one day, just like the neighbours, out of nowhere, a formidable ally appeared. The National Defence Agency or the “Border” led the resistance against the attacking aliens. The “Border” carried the first weapons capable of fighting the aliens. The weapons stemmed from the technology used by “Neighbours” themselves called “Triggers”, channelling the internal energy of the user called “Trion”. Thus began the story of the two species fighting for survival.


Kuga Yuma’s first meeting with Osamu
Image: Crunchyroll

Four years have now passed, Mikado City is now a war zone. For the most part, the world has returned to its former self, with people living their lives normally again. The story revolves around a boy named “Yūma Kuga” a new white-haired student who transfers to the local school. The mysterious white-haired boy is, in fact, a powerful humanoid “Neighbour”.

Osamu and Yuga in World Trigger
Image: Netflix

In his school, Yuma meets “Osamu Mikumo”, who unknown to Yuma, is a “Border” trainee aspiring to one day join the organisation. The two boys form an unlikely friendship, with Osamu being Yuma’s guide and protecting his friend from “border” forces. Thus begins the story of Yuma and Osamu fighting to protect each other.

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