Who Is Deku/Izuku Midoriya’s Father? Who Is He?

My Hero Academia. Image: Polygon

Who is Deku’s Dad and Where He is? This is something we all have questioned about as we started to observe the story of the young boy, Midoriya Izuku. My Hero Academia is a marvellous story showing a quirkless boy born in a world where most of the people are born with a quirk. Quirks are special abilities that one is usually born with. These are hereditary in general, even so, Izuku got no quirk. Or did he? With some disclosures that have been made, there are chances that all which has been said till now could be a deceit. So, here we are to discuss about Who is Deku’s Dad and the details disclosed about him. Apart from this, we will even dive in to look at the possibilities of his true identity and the reasons why.

Throughout My Hero Academia, we have watched Izuku’s mom, Inko Midoriya, on various occasions. She has been in most worry about Izuku whenever he would be in trouble. Also, she has even tried to stop her child from further putting his life in danger. Fortunately, for Izuku’s dream’s sake, he had someone like a father in his life in the form of Toshinori Yagi “All Might”. He persuaded Inko to let Izuku continue his studies and training in UA. While it is good for the fans to know that Izuku does have an idol in his life, what about Deku’s dad? What does he think about Izuku’s dream? Does he even care? Does he even realize what happens in his life? From what we have witnessed, either he doesn’t, or he simply doesn’t care enough. Nevertheless, Who is he? And where is he right now?

Deku in My Hero Academia. Image: Comicbook.com

All For One

Deku’s father’s name has been initially disclosed as “Hisashi” Midoriya. The name “Hisashi’ in Kanji means “a long time ago.” This refers to the Japanese phrase, “Hisashiburi.” Hisashiburi means “it’s been a while (since I last saw you). The name “Hisashi’ itself points towards the impending absence of Izuku’s father in the story as well as his life. It is surprising how many shounen anime protagonists have a missing father. These include Goku, Naruto, Gon, etc. But these fathers who are later revealed in the story are in no way anywhere close to unessential. Goku’s father was Bardock, a Saiyan scientist who fought against Freeza. Naruto’s father was the Fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze. While in Gon, the whole story is majorly based on Gon’s search for his Hunter father, Ging Freecs.

So, there are low chances that Izuku will be an exception where his father will come out to be someone not much important to the plot. If Hisashi turns out to be a laid-back character, this would only lit the fury in the fans. So the chances of MHA Mangaka Kohei Horikoshi making something like this is less. Moreover, he revealed that Hisashi’ will be disclosed in the My Hero Academia manga soon. As we wait, we can only hope that he brings something attached to the plot. Let’s say that in an off-chance, he does not, let’s just hope that Hisashi reveals out to be a good model figure for Izuku and provide some proper motivation.

Where is Hisashi Midoriya?

They say Hisashi Midoriya is working overseas for now. This disclosure is done when Izuku’s mom, Inko, takes Izuku to Dr. Tsubasa. She adds how her husband works overseas. Nevertheless, it does not look like they are a divorced couple considering Inko still calls Hisashi as her husband. Another chance could be that just after Izuku’s birth, Hisashi left the mother and child. Going to the Doctor to know their child’s quirk seems to be a very important moment. So, Hisashi’s absence when Izuku was so young only causes suspicion.

Moreover, it has been observed how Izuku’s mom, Inko looks a little anxious when she did mention him. There could be a personal issue within the family which suggests a bigger path of suspicion in his absenteeism. There are even theories that suggest Hisashi has gone missing, and his mother says that he is overseas to value her son’s feelings. This could be the truth since Izuku never contacts his dad. In Season 3, when Izuku receives his Hero license, he shows it to his mother and All Might but never takes his dad’s name. The same could be said about Hisashi who never makes attempts to contact the family even when Izuku was heavily injured.


What is Hisashi Midoriya’s Quirk?

Hisashi Midoriya is disclosed to have the quirk to breathe fire. The level of the power of his quirk has not been told. Moreover, it has not been disclosed what job he does in overseas. If and so, he works as a Hero, the possibilities are that his quirk is in some way similar to that of Endeavor. While Inko herself has the power to make small objects rise in air, it isn’t strong enough to be perfect for the work as a hero. The quirk of fire breathing seems to be a very complex one and one that deals with a very limited number of occupations.

Faceless All For One

One question that has been floating around in minds of viewers for quite some time Is Deku’s Father All for One? Hisashi Midoriya has been missing from Izuku and Inko’s life for at least 8 years, since Izuku was 4 when they visited Dr. Tsubasa. It hasn’t been stated if Hisashi did come and visit them, but if he didn’t, it does create doubts. All For One or Shigaraki has been on the run for quite some time, taking away all the Quirks that he can. This could be a worthy reason for Izuku’s dad to be missing from his life for so long. Maybe, Hisashi saw Inko as a good time to create his own offspring. And could be planning to come back later to get Izuku to give him Tomura Shigaraki’s succession.

There are also chances that the reason Hisashi or All For One does not come back to his family is due to his present condition. If you all remember, All For One fought with All Might five years before he fought him in Season 3. This fight had All For One’s face damaged while leaving All Might inching closer to his death. Ever since that, All For One is known for wearing a Darth Vader Style Head Gear. Astonishingly, we are quite aware of the fact that Mangaka Horikoshi is a huge fan of the Star Wars franchise. This could mean that we could probably observe a father-son reunion for Izuku and All For One similar to that of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. Perhaps the reason Izuku doesn’t have a quirk is that his genetics came out similar to that of All For One’s quirkless brother, Yoichi Shigaraki.

Dr. Maruta Shiga

A theory suggests that Deku and All For One’s doctors are no two different people. Dr. Tsubasa, who arrives at the very beginning of My Hero Academia resembles so much with Dr. Ujiko, the right-hand man of All For One. Their cog-shaped glasses, nose, and mustache could prove that. Moreover, Dr. Tsubasa was shown to have an identity mark in form of a scuff above his right eyebrow. This mark has been concealed whenever Dr. Ujiko is shown in the manga. It is possible that Izuku did have a prominent quirk within him, but Dr. Tsubasa took it from him for All For One. This left Izuku quirkless, possibly meaning that the part about Izuku having a double-jointed pinky was a cooked-up story. Moreover, Dr. Tsubasa and Dr. Ujiko are voiced by the same Voice actor.

Dr. Maruta Shiga. Image: My Hero Academia Wiki-Fandom

Dr. Ujiko is afterwards revealed to be actually called Maruta Shiga. This is a word with a heavy meaning as Maruta Shiga is a word used to call the victims of experimentation during World War II. He served as the Chairman of Jaku General Hospital. While he did impart his time to charity for a show, the hospital in itself had a closed-off ward. This ward is known for Nomu experimentations, which would be like his name referring to experimentations. A supportive theory to this is about Bakugo’s old mate, Tsubasa. He was a kid who had a wing quirk, and , he was Shiga’s grandson. Shiga did experiments on Tsubasa to create the winged Nomu. This theory about Dr. Shiga only explains that there are stronger toes between Deku and his father, probably All For One.