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We Never Learn Chapter 172: Nariyuki Is Coward?

A vacation is going on where everyone is happy. Kids are laying all day, and teachers have to take care of them. However,  teachers are enjoying the vacation too. Taichi gets jealous of Nariyuki. But, what happened that she is very jealous. Let us see that in the article ahead. Look at the recap of the previous chapter. Fans are enjoying the chapters of manga series. We Never Learn manga crossed over 150 chapters. That is an excellent thing for the writer. What will happen next, let us dig deeper into it! Also, know the release date of the upcoming We Never Learn Chapter 172.

Release date of We Never Learn Chapter 172

The previous chapter of the manga came out on August 30, 2020. As, the manga is a weekly, it publishes new chapter every week on Sunday. Moreover, there are platforms where one can read the chapters.

The upcoming We Never Learn Chapter 172 will release on September 7, 2020. For the recap of the previous chapter, read the whole article.

We Never Learn Chapter 172
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Previously in chapter 171

Nariyuki and Kominami are on a trip with the kids. Everyone is enjoying their holidays at the beach. Kominami instructed the kids not to swim very deep. Later, Nariku thanks Koiminami for helping out and taking care of the kids.

Meanwhile, Nariyuki got concerned about the swimsuit of Koiminami. Her swimsuit was very tight and revealing. He could not handle the hotness. Because of that, Nariyuki complimented her.

In a meanwhile, Koiminami asked Nariyuki whether he was starring at her or not. Suddenly, kids started teasing them. Then kids invited Nariyuki to swim with them. He denied an told them to stop calling him a pervy teacher. Everyone are giving attention to Nariyuki. So, Taichi got jealous of him. He thought that every time he is the one who gains attention from girls.

Because of his jealousy, Tachi along with Nao plans to bring Nariyuki down. Taichi says Nariyuki is a stupid teacher. The Nao calls out to Nariyuki. He tells him to come where he and Taichi are. Nao acted and lied the Taichi got hurt in the cave when he was with Koiminami. He also said that before entering into the cave, both told Nao to take care of kids. This plan was to scare Nariyuki off. Taichi wanted to scare him as he would then appear as a coward in front of Koiminami. However, these false pranks leads Nariyuki and Koiminami closer.

Where to read?

The chapters are available on the official website of VIZ Media, and Shueisha’s manga app.

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