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The GOH Episode 6: What Next After Jin And Han’s Fight?

The God Of Highschools proves to be one of the best action based anime. The GOH anime TV series is a South Korean manhwa. Yongje Park created and illustrated the manhwa. Not to forget that in the last episode, there was a fight between Jin and Han. The fight that viewers were eager to watch. Now fans are eager to know what will happen in the GOH Episode 6. Also, episode 5 was better than episode 4 as per the reviews.

Let’s find out the release date, and a preview of the God of Highschool Episode 6. Moreover, the article covers the recap of the GOH episode 5.

When will The GOH Episode 6 release?

The lastest episode 5 aired on Crunchyroll this Monday. Episode 5 aired on August 3, 2020, at 7:30 am (PT).

Note that new episodes of the God of Highschool anime releases every Monday. Therefore, the GOH Episode 6 will air on August 10, 2020.

Don’t miss the episode. You can watch the newest episodes of The God Of Highschool on the platforms mentioned ahead in this article.

The GOH Episode 6
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Spoilers of episode 6

As in the last episode, we came across a beautiful fight scene between Jin Mori and Han Dewi. And we found out that Jin won the match. Moreover, the ending scene was between Yu and Han. Yu Mira will battle against Byeon in the Seoul prelims. Hence, after that, the runner-up will be decided.

Now in the upcoming episode, there won’t be much to reveal. Yet, the winners across South Korea who will compete would be announced. The fellow mates of Mujin Park who are in ‘The Six’ will get introduced.

Moreover, it is unlikely to start the finals in the next episode. However, some characters will be introduced properly.

Will mysteries of organization built by Mori’s grandpa unveil?

Recap of episode 5

The episode has the title: ‘Ronde/Hound.’ The episode begins with the flashback of Han Daewi. The scenes of his old school days when he and his friend fought on silly things are shown. Moreover, the second match between Mori and Byeon begins. Then after the win of Jin, the next scene comes up. The former thinks that Han is at fault for the fight.

None the less the final scene comes up where the mind-blowing fight between Jin and Han comes up. Then after Mori Jin is down by Han. But, Mujin gave Han the news about the death of Han’s friend. By this news, Jin was upset, and Han lost his willpower. To know more, watch the episode.

If you haven’t watched the episode 5 stream it now on Crunchyroll:

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