Solo Leveling Anime Adaption: Creators Released a New Preview

Solo Leveling Anime
Solo Leveling Anime

After more than 186,777 people singing’s petition for an anime adaption of Solo Leveling, the fans are finally getting what they want. The creators of Solo Leveling announced that they would soon be releasing an anime based on the manhwa. Given that the series already has an entirely written web novel as well as 100 chapters in the manhwa, there are more than enough source materials, and fans are excited to see more!

Release Date and Where to Watch

The Solo Leveling Anime adaption is expected sometime around the end of 2021. No confirmed dates have been given yet, and therefore we cannot make a confirmed claim. However, the creators have said that it should be available by fall 2021.

Till we wait for the anime, we can catch up on reading the available content!

You can read Solo Leveling here

Solo Leveling Anime
Solo Leveling Anime

What is Solo Leveling about?

A portal connecting the world to a world of monsters opens, and it causes different creatures to appear. Many people suddenly gain powers and have the ability to hunt them. They are labelled as hunters. The story revolves around a boy named Sung Jinwoo, marked as the weakest hunter as he classifies with the E-rank. He is barely stronger than an average human.

One day, Jinwoo and some other hunters found themselves trapped in a dangerous dungeon where only a few of them can survive and escape. Jinwoo passes all the trials, but he “dies.” He suddenly wakes up in a hospital where he finds out he has been turned into a play. He now has the ability to access an interface that shows him various quests, stats, scores, levels, etc. He has to level up and become a powerful hunter. The story follows him through these various adventures.

Solo Leveling Anime Spoilers

The creators have not released any spoilers on the anime. However, they have released a preview which you can watch here:

Apart from this, we expect the story to follow the same plot as the manga. We hope to get more information and spoilers as we approach its release.

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