Sakamoto Days Chapter 22: Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers And Where To Read Online


Sakamoto Days is a story about the things we do for the ones we love, but what exactly is love? Love is a powerful emotion. It is an emotion that has started many wars and ended many wars. It is an emotion that all of us as humans crave deep down inside of our hearts. A feeling to find someone, settle down and live the rest of our lives happily ever after.

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What happens when a legendary underground assassin starts feeling these same emotions. Sakamoto Days is a story about a hitman named Taro Sakamoto. Who in his dangerous and fast-paced life found a woman worthy of slowing down for. In other words, the unrivaled hitman who filled the hearts of his victims with fear fell in love. He fell in love, got retired, and married the woman of his dreams, subsequently having a child with her. Now, he has gotten fat in his old age and runs a convenience store with his wife. Living a peaceful life. However, despite his old age, he is far from being weak, showing quite an agility and strength.

Raw Scan of Sakamoto Days
Image: Viz Media

But, it seems that the sins of his previous life have now finally caught up to him. Sakamoto may have left the world of hitmen, but they haven’t left him. The underground world wants nothing but to destroy the haven that Sakamoto has worked so hard to create. However, Sakamoto, along with his convenience store employee named Shin, once again steps up to protect the ones he loves or die trying.  If you’re looking to know more about Sakamoto Days chapter 22, then you’ve come to the right place!

Sakamoto Days Chapter 22  Release Date



The fight between the moving dinosaurs and Sakamoto and his employee Shin, it seems, will have to wait. Chapter 22 of Sakamoto days has unfortunately been postponed. Chapter 22, which was supposed to come out this week, is now going to be released on the 9th of May, 2021. Fans should know that the raw scans of a chapter are released 2-3 days before its official release. Since chapter 22’s release has been postponed, no raw scans have been made available as of yet.

Similarly, due to the unforeseen postponement, there are currently no spoilers available. However, fans can expect both the raw scans and the spoilers to be visible on various platforms in the coming week.

Where To Read Chapter 22 Online For Free

Since Sakamoto Days is licensed and Published by Viz media, all the fans with a Viz Media subscription can read it on its official site. However, we have selected some of the best websites for all our fans who don’t have a subscription to read your favorite mangas for free online.

You can read Sakamoto Days on websites like Crunchyroll (also requires a subscription) or Bato and Mangafox. If you live in one of the countries where works, then nothing could be better! If you don’t mind the extra ads, then you can also read the manga on 

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