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Ousama Ranking Episode 5 Review And What To Expect Next!

Ousama Ranking is one of the recent additions in the anime industry and is soon climbing its way to becoming one of the best animes of 2021. Although some viewers had complaints regarding the childish animation of the anime by Wit Studio, others, however, welcomed it with open arms and I definitely agree with the latter!

This is because Ousama ranking isn’t your run-of-the-mill fan-service animes that makes characters sexy and appealing to gain the viewers’ attention. This show has such an incredible story and such cute and interesting characters and world-building that the fan-service elements are completely unnecessary. Instead, the world of this anime teaches us life lessons from the hardships faced by the young deaf and dumb prince Bojji and his unconventional companion Kage.

Previously On Ousama Ranking

Bojji with Domas and Hokura

In the last episode of Ousama Ranking, we get to see a different side of queen Hiling, the step-mother of Bojji. Who as it turns out, despite her harsh judgment over the young prince loves him dearly and is the one who has been healing him every time he gets injured. Therefore, seeing how her son the king Diada might plot to harm Bojji, she agrees to send him on his journey, but only with his swordmaster Domas and another apprentice named Hokura an admirer of Bojji.

In the last episode, we saw someone trying to assasinate Bojji in multiple events only for him to be saved mysteriously. However, at the end of the episode when Domas is showing Bojii the gates of the underworld, we see Domas pushing Bojji inside the deep fiery chasm trying to end his life, making him the traitor and the one who has been plotting to kill him all along.

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Episode 5 Review

Ousama Ranking

In episode 5 of Ousama Ranking, fans were left elated to see Bojji alive. However, Bojji’s life being saved wasn’t a coincidence and when Bojji realizes this, he immediately rushes over to his bag to see his dear friend Kage, who has constantly been protecting him from the shadows.

The two friends have an emotional and touching reunion, moving enough to make a grown man cry. After getting reunited, Kage takes Bojji deep inside the gates of the underworld, where both of them are rendered unconscious by “a cursed gas”.

Meanwhile, the episode shifts on king Diada who is led deep inside the castle where in order to gain the powers of his father, the mirror performs a disgusting ceremony and forces the king to drink his dead father’s marrow. King Daida, seeing the horrible ceremony and getting some sense back into him, refuses to obey the mirror’s demand and vows to make it to the top of the ranks by his own volition, shocking the mirror.


The episode then focuses back on Bojji and Kage who are escorted to the castle of the king of the underworld who is surprised how the two of them survived the cursed gas. But, when he takes a closer look the king finds that Bojji and Kage are alive because they’ve both been cursed. Bojji’s curse came in the form of his giant powers being taken away and him being born deaf and dumb, and Kage’s curse comes in the form of him staying in his clan’s assassination form.

The episode then ends with Hokura finding out that Domas has pushed prince Bojji to his death and he’s been the one trying to kill prince Bojji all along. Infuriated by his betrayal and disappointed in his inability to save the young prince Hokura and Domas get in a fight and the episode ends with Domas amputating his own hand, while Hokura is left unconscious.

In The Next Episode


In the next episode of Ousama Ranking, we can expect the secrets about Bojji and kage to be revealed even further as both of them are now finally awake in the underworld. We can see how King Diada escapes from the brainwashing from the magic mirror and get to know about the fate of Domas and Hokura.

If you love Ousama Ranking just as much as we do then do not forget to watch episode 6 of the series coming soon on 19th November 2021!

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