The Land Of Leadale A New Isekai Anime Releases Its First Look

Let’s face it, our normal monotonous lives suck. The same routine, the same rat race to get successful and become rich, and if by any chance we do not get rich, then adjusting to middle-class standards sucks! Therefore, all of us, deep down, keep on trying to find some respite from our boring and quite ordinary lives through various means, whether it is by immersing ourselves in that magical and fantasy novel or playing adventurous games, just the spirit of doing something new and different excites us. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that the infamous Isekai genre is leaving a huge mark on the anime industry, and one of these animes that is going to get released pretty soon is The Land Of Leadale.

The story of the show, such as the norm, starts out with a protagonist  Keina Kagami who finds herself paralyzed from the waist down after a horrific accident. With not a lot to do, Keina spends most of her days playing her favorite game, The Land Of Leadale. However, when Keina wakes up in the body of her gaming Avatar Cayna and finds herself transported into her favorite game, it’s as if all her wishes have come true. Keina is now finally free from the hospital and can find a way to survive here, right?


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The answer to this question is found out pretty soon when Keina discovers that this gaming fantasy land is nothing like it was before when she played it. The truth about this change is uncovered when Keina is informed that she is now 200 years in the future than when she began playing the land of leadle, and her real body died a long time ago. However, it’s as if her will to live pushed her soul into the gaming world, and now she somehow must find a way to make it in here in the new world of  The Land Of Leadale.

The thing that makes this series soo special is because it shows a very realistic point of view from a character and beautifully portrays how things are not at all the way they might seem. Now, some of our readers might jump to conclusions and think that the show isn’t that special, but just you wait and watch! The adventures of Keina are bound to engross you into her fantasy land to the point where you’ll be finding it extremely difficult to unhook! The series’ creators have recently released its first trailer, and the show is all set to make its big debut in January 2022! Make sure to watch the entire trailer (link attached below)  and see for yourself what The Land Of Leadale is really all about.