‘Deep Anime’ A.I. program that creates anime Based on Image and Voice

Deep learning is a function of artificial intelligence that is capable of learning unstructured and unorganized data in whole unsupervised data with the help of artificial neural networks that are built like the human brain. Algoage Co., Ltd created a deep learning engine that generates talking anime by the means of single image and voice data.

It is known as the DeepAnime engine which was created on August 6, 2017. It was created by Yuichi Yagi(@yuchiyagi) a CG programmer from DWANGO CO., LTD telecommunication, and media company based in Japan. For a clear idea, CG(C for graphics) is a programming language developed by Nvidia used for real-time rendering. The tech development works hand-in-hand with anime production which reduces the workload of production.

Dwango announced that this program was used in FLCL progressive. Different programs like this are coming forth where AI and anime companies join hands, NCSoft a videogame company researchers introduced a program that converts real-life people to anime characters using Generative Adversarial Network(GANs).

Manga publisher Hakusensha uses PaintsChainer for some of his works. PaintsChainer is an automatic colouring program.