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Great Pretender Anime Part 1: Netflix Release And Other Updates

Great Pretender is originally a crime comedy television series—the anime series by Ryoto Kosawa. The director of the anime is Hiro Kaburagi. The television series produced by Wit Studio. Globally, Great Pretender Anime Part 1 will be premiering soon.

The anime series is an original Netflix series. Firstly, the anime TV series broadcasted in Japan. The anime episodes were broadcasted on the Fiji TV channel. In conclusion, all the viewers can enjoy the series by streaming it online.

When will Great Pretender Anime Part 1 premiere?

The anime TV series premiered in Japan. The anime programming block Fiji TV + Ultra premiered anime on July 8, 2020. Moreover, the series debuted on Netflix a month before.

The Netflix original anime series will premiere globally. The release date of Great Pretender Anime Part 1 worldwide is August 20, 2020.

This means we are just about to have fun soon. Wheee! Get ready to stream a crime comedy on Netflix.

Significant Pretender Anime Part 1 would be one of the best anime coming on its way. Have a look at the trailer:

More about Great Pretender


Two friends Edamuro Masato and Kudo, are partners in crime. Once they decided to trick a Frenchman in Asakusa. They did this to get duped in return! These two are professional swindlers in Japan. Then the professional swindler revealed himself. He introduced himself as Laurent Thierry. Regarded as one of the best swindlers. Moreover, he is hed of mafia.

When Laurent knew about Edamuro, he got one more person to include in the gang. Although Edamuro’s destiny now dependent on Laurent. What happens to the man? Moreover, will Laurent be arrested ever?

You may find all the answers after watching the episodes.


The characters of the anime series include:

  • Makoto Edamura voiced by Alan Lee
  • Laurent Thierry voiced by Aaron Phillips
  • Abigail Jones voiced by Kausar Mohammed
  • Cynthia Moore voiced by Laura Post
  • Kudo voiced by Mike Pollock
  • Kim Si Won voiced by Karen Huie


The Great Pretender Anime part 1 will be coming out this August. Moreover, in Japan, up till now, a total of fourteen episodes have aired. Let us hope that the different part gets premiered on Netflix as soon as possible. Moreover, the anime TV series has not been adapted from any manga. The anime series is an original series written by Ryota Kosawa.

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