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Fullmetal Alchemist Author Shows A Glimpse Her Brand New Manga!

Fullmetal Alchemist a name that every manga/anime fan knows. A series that is often referred to as the best to be ever made. This fact is further proved by Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime getting a whopping 9.3/10 rating from IMDb, a feat that is yet to be broken by any anime made so far.

The tragic story of two brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric, who perform a forbidden ritual to try and resurrect their dead mother, only to lose everything, touched the hearts of millions across the globe. The struggles of the two brothers and the frightening villains and the crazy mastermind plot, something which none of us saw coming, is what made Fullmetal alchemist be one of the best stories ever to have been written.

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Therefore, when Hiromu Arakawa ended this legendary manga series with one of the best endings we have seen so far, she left her fans in complete awe. The roller coaster action-packed series really made her name be written down in history,

Now that the anime creators are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the legendary series, displaying the entire manga, and releasing a new 2021 version of it, Hiromu didn’t miss the chance to surprise her fans even more!

First Visual of Hiromu Arakawa’s New Work

That’s right, the legendary author is currently working on her latest work and showcased the first visual of her latest manga on social media. Her new manga, like Fullmetal Alchemist, will be released on Shonen Gangan.

Although, no further information has been released about the manga. Now, with the visuals out, the brand new series by Hiromu will most likely be hitting the shelves and crashing the sites by the end of the year 2021.

However, will this manga be able to meet the fans’ already high expectations? If you ask me, I think the author understands this/her audience more than one would expect. Not to mention, seeing how even 20 years after its initial release Fullemetal Alchemist is still the no.1 anime in every damned list out there, it is safe to say that Hiromu knows that she herself has set the bar pretty high.

Therefore, as her loyal fans, all we can do is speculate and wish for another amazing story to read!

Where To Watch Fullmetal Alchemist Online?

Scared Edward and Alphonse Elric
(FMAB funny moments)
Image: Crunchyroll

You can watch all the episodes of Fummental Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in English Sub/Dub for absolutely free on websites like Crunchyroll and Viz-Media. Not to mention that both of these sites are the hubs of the latest mangas and animes. Therefore, if you wish to obtain the latest content an hour after their Japanese release then make sure to buy their subscription packages and enjoy reading and watching your favorite mangas and animes.

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