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Deca Dence Episode 11: Kaburagi Needs To Be Saved

Fans get ready for a twisted and fun climax. Only two episodes are left to air in Deca Dence this season. The season will get over soon. Many are sad because the entertainment is ending. However, sooner the next season will come back with a bang. This season’s climax will be exciting to watch. So, do not forget to watch the previous episodes before the ultimate episode of the Deca Dence airs. What will happen to the Gadol factory? Will Kaburagi find his body and resurrect it? Find out in the final episode of the anime series. Moreover, have a look at what happened in the previous episode. Also, do not forget to see the release date of the Deca Dence Episode 11.

When will Deca Dence Episode 11 release?

The previous episode of the Deca Dence aired on September 9, 2020. The newest episodes of the anime series airs on Wednesday every week. Also, the airing time of the anime is 11:30 PM according to Japan Standard Time. 

However, note that in different regions, the time of airing episodes changes. So, check out accordingly.

The upcoming Deca Dence Episode 11 will release on September 16, 2020. If you have not seen the latest episode have a look before the next one comes.

Deca Dence Episode 11
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Recap of episode 10

Hugin is taking care of Kaburaagis real body inside Gadoll factory. Both Kaburagi and Donatello went inside the factory. However, Sarkozy escaped, and the reactor of Gadoll factory blasted. Due to this, everyone was panicking. Some of those started to take steps to control the system. Gadol’s prime mission is to destroy Deca Dence. However, this event made the factory members and creator afraid of losing everything.

Meanwhile, factory collapsed, and the one’s fighting in Natsume’s village disappeared. In between all this, Kaburagi took Natsume in the car and started driving. Natsume wanted to tell this to humans. However, Kaburagi denied as he could not trust everybody. However, while both were talking, Hugin from the back attacked Kaburagi.

After the attack, Kaburagi and Donatello are finding real body of Kaburagi.

How will the season end? Will they be able to find his real body? Or will Gadol destroy them both? Watch the upcoming episode to know more.

Where to watch?

The episodes of Deca Dence are available on the following platforms:

The English version has not come out yet. However, it will be here soon.

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