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Baryon Mode Naruto : Everything You Must Know

Naruto in Baryon Mode (Image: SILV4.ART)

The Boruto series has been giving some profound insights into the origin of the jutsus and Otsutsuki Clan. Isshiki Otsutsuki, the most recent antagonist in the anime, has been hard to deal with. Even both Sasuke and Naruto aren’t able to put a scratch on him. The Otsutsuki’s plan was about to be successful until Naruto entered a recently discovered powerful form- The Baryon Mode. Let’s find out everything related to this power.

[Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead.]

The Baryon Mode: Why Naruto Needed It?

Naruto has been unable to put any damage on Isshiki Otsutsuki. Isshiki has been an overpowered antagonist character throughout the Boruto series. However, Isshiki can’t survive in his body for a much longer time, and thus, he has to transform his Karma into a vessel. The Baryon Mode was a self-defense mechanism – sort of like a last resort.

Boruto had teleported Isshiki to another dimension along with Naruto Sasuke and himself. Amado had already informed the Konoha ninjas about Isshiki’s lifespan. It was around two days at that time. Isshiki was ready to teleport and transfer his Karma to Kawaki to survive, but Boruto had already noticed it. Now, the only tactic left to defeat the Otsutsuki was to hold him off for a couple of days. This goal seemed unachievable as Isshiki overpowered everyone, finally breaking Boruto’s limb. Thus, to save his son and the world itself, Naruto and Kurama awakened an immeasurable power to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki. This power mode of Naruto and Kurama is called The Baryon Mode.


Naruto VS Isshiki (Image: Youtube)

What is Baryon Mode?

When Naruto was in a clinch, Kurama offered him a new way to acquire a powerful counter to Isshiki. Kurama unveils an ace card that can deal with anything. Naruto agrees to all the terms he explains and jumps back into battle. He saves his son from Isshiki’s hands and towers up against him with a new mode. Isshiki Otsutsuki is unaware and shocked to see this overwhelming strength of Naruto. Kurama starts explaining to Naruto about the Baryon Mode while facing Isshiki.

Kurama explains to Naruto that this new power is like a Nuclear Fission between both their chakras. Naruto being an airhead, doesn’t understand this term, and Kurama thoroughly explains the theory. Baryon Mode is a power created in the same way as the sun produces energy. The idea is that Naruto and Kurama’s chakra is serving as Kernels to make a whole new type of energy.


Kurama explaining Baryon Mode to Naruto (Image: VIZ)

How is Baryon Mode different from Kurama Mode and Sage Of Six Paths?

Naruto knows that there must be a catch to using this power. He inquires Kurama about it, and the nine-tailed beast answers him by saying that Baryon Mode is different from other modes from the very root. The other Modes involve acquiring Chakras from elsewhere, but this mode is different in this matter. The source of this power is the raw materials created by the fusion of both Naruto and Kurama’s energy.

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The Catch Behind The Baryon Mode:

Every omega power comes with a price—a price that could be hard to pay. In the Baryon Mode, the risks are too high and inevitable. Since the power comes from the simultaneous fusion of Naruto and Kurama’s chakra, their energies get consumed heavily. This application continues unless one or both of them die.

Isshiki Otsutsuki Vs Baryon Mode Naruto:

Isshiki is completely stunned over Naruto’s new form. The character has two days left to live unless he pours his Karma in a vessel. When Naruto enters the battle again to face Isshiki, he stands tall this time. The look in Naruto’s eyes sparkles with the power inside him. Isshiki doesn’t care much for it and jumps in to eliminate him. The battle starts, and the tides turn their course drastically. Not only is Naruto able to smack Isshiki on the ground, but he also dodges each of his attacks with scarce effort. Soon Isshiki learns that The Baryon Mode is no joke.

Sasuke, lying immobilized on the other side of the battle, is also stunned to see this power. The chakra level is out of the charts. Sasuke finally concludes that Naruto in his Baryon Mode is stronger than Isshiki Otsutsuki. The fight continues with the antagonist firing his chakra cubes on the Hokage again. This time, the results are different. Naruto is easily able to hold those objects and fires them back to Isshiki. It was so powerful that Isshiki’s lifespan got knocked down from two days to five minutes.


Naruto quickly nullifying Isshiki’s jutsu (Image: Animex wallpapers)

Naruto also accurately stops Isshiki’s chakra rods and shows his dominance throughout the fight. He seems to be a different kind of beast. Good things don’t last much longer, and since the power loss was steeper, Naruto starts losing this power, and Isshiki finally gets the upper hand. The Baryon Mode indeed was a double-edged sword. Though Isshiki gets the final blow, his life is still reduced significantly.

How to Last Longer In Baryon Mode?

The nine-tailed beast Kurama also provides Naruto with the knowledge of using the Baryon Mode most efficiently. Since it consumes a lot of chakra and energy, which ultimately shortens their lifespan, Kurama gives Naruto three ways to make it more lasting. The ultimate trick was not to make any unnecessary moves and even rid himself of superfluous thoughts.

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Why didn’t Naruto and Kurama use this mode ever before?

Naruto asks Kurama why he didn’t inform of this mode earlier when they faced many life-threatening battles. To which, Kurama replied that there had never been such a hopeless situation. The Baryon Mode guarantees the death of either one or both of them. Thus, the risk never met the effort to reach the goal. This time they are on the verge of death, and no lights of hope can be seen. It was indeed the reason to tell Naruto about this mode in these circumstances.

Did somebody die in Boruto?

Yes. The most simplified answer for this question was “YES.” Deaths in Naruto are common, and they often give the viewers a hard time dealing with. The manga fandom was filled with tears. The excitement to see Naruto in Baryon Mode soon changes to sadness from a specific character’s death. Kurama had already pointed this fact that it will take someone’s life. The fandom thought it to be Naruto as he’s expected to die in the Boruto series. But, the fandom was sadder to see their favorite tailed beast giving his life. Kurama lost all his chakra and finally left his Jinchuriki alone. The whole Naruto journey couldn’t have ever been fascinating if it wasn’t for Kurama. The sacrifice filled the eyes of manga readers with tears, and the anime is also on the verge of doing that in the next few episodes.


Naruto with chibi Kurama (Image: Animex Wallpapers)

Who else could die from the recent happenings?

It was already confirmed at the beginning of the Boruto series that the seventh Hokage would face his demise. Sasuke is also speculated to meet such an end as well. However, it doesn’t change the fact the Baryon Mode is not going to affect Naruto anymore. Since Kurama sacrificed his life, the fans could see more of their favorite protagonist. As for Sasuke, he loses his rinnegan after the climactic fight against Isshiki and Momoshiki. Sasuke holds on to his life up to the very end of the battle.

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