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Yuriko Asami’s Angel Beats -The Last Operation: Part 1 Of Manga Ends!!

Yuriko Asami’s Angel Beats‘ fourth compiled version, which is The Last Operation has come out recently. It is revealed that the first part of the manga ended with the end of the volume. Along with this, they also added that a sequel to this season, a “next season” will come out soon.

In August 2017, Asami introduced this manga in Kadokawa‘s Dengeki G’s Comic Magazine. Angel Beats!: Heaven’s Door is the first published story. Furthermore, Jun Maeda is credited for the storyline, and Na-Ga is credited for the character design

Maeda is trying out new ideas. As a result, he is taking the storyline in a way as to why The Afterlife Battlefront team has arrived. This manga is contributing to the project celebrating the 25th anniversary of Dengeki G. In October 2016, the news came out that a sequel to Yuriko Asami’s Angel Beats! The manga will come out. And also that, this newly launched part is going to be considered as the “true arc” of the manga. 


Yuriko Asami’s Angel Beats: Heaven’s Door manga

last operation

2010 Angel Beats! By Yuriko Asami in the form of an anime series is licensed by The Sentai Filmworks. In addition to that, it is also released on DVD and Blu-ray Discs for sale. This series was later added to Funimation in 2017 because of The Sentai Filmwork was out of print. 

A PC game was also released on The Angel Beats!. It was shipped from Japan and came out in sales in 2015.


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