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World’s End Harem Episode 1: Plot, Release Date, And Where To Watch

As the name suggests, World’s End Harem is a Harem genre anime. The anime is based on a Japenese Manga of the same name written by LINK and illustrated by Kotaro Shōno.

What Happens In World’s End Harem?

In 2040, a man named Reito Mizuhara was put in cryostasis. He suffered from a rare disease with no cure, and therefore, with a hope of developing a drug for it, he was put to cryogenic sleep.
In between, a deadly virus named MK(Male Killer) came into existence and exterminated 99.99% of the male population globally. Approximately a million men were put to cryogenic sleep to save humanity from extinction.

Now, in the year 2045, five years after the pandemic MK. The whole world has become a harem with over five billion women for one man as Japan proceeds towards the extinction of the male species. A light appeared in the darkness named Reito Mizuhara. He wakes up from his sleep and finds out that he somehow is immune to the deadly virus. Reito Mizuhara, along with four other men, are now the only men immune to MK.

As a result of the immunity, Reito Mizuhara has to participate in a program to increase the number of men. In this, he will have to impregnate as many women as possible so that the children can replenish the world.

Reito Mizuhara from World’s End Harem
Reito Mizuhara
Image: World’s End Harem

However, Reito Mizuhara hates this idea as his only motive is to meet his girlfriend Elisa Tachibana, who has disappeared mysteriously. The show also depicts how the other four men are doing in this world. Will Elisa Tachibana be found? How MK virus came into existence? Will the male population flourish once again on the surface? Well, to get these answers, fans have to watch World’s End Harem.

The plot of World’s End Harem Episode 1:

Reito Mizuhara is put in a deep cryogenic sleep in hopes that a drug will be made in the future to cure his disease. Now, after he awakens, he finds himself in a world with no men and knows about the MK virus. Mira greets him after he wakes up and brings him up to track what has happened in the last two years.
Mira and Reito’s sister Mahiru Mizuhara convinces him to impregnate women, but he refuses. He thinks of it as a joke but soon realizes that it’s not the case. Mira and others find that slumber has changed him from inside out. Mira then tries to seduce Reito but is unsuccessful and thinks she is not hot enough to seduce Reito.

Staff Members Of The Anime:

Yuu Nobuta is directing the anime, with Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ animating the show. Tatsuya Takahashi has written the script of the anime. Meanwhile, Shingenobu Ookawa has given the music.

Episode 1 Release Date And Where To Watch?

Anime will release its first episode on its official platforms on 8th October 2021, at 5:00 PM JST.

(Warning: This trailer contains some adult content)


World’s End Harem episode 1 will be officially available on Crunchyroll and VRV along with its official platforms. However, for now, episodes will only be available in English subs.

Official Website Of The Anime

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