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World Trigger Season 3 Releasing Soon 

The underdog of sci-fi anime World Trigger will be returning with a third season. It hasn’t been a whole year since last season, and the fans get to see their favorite protagonist again this year. TOEI animation had already confirmed the season 3 will release in August 2021. On September 29th, a new promotional video was released on Twitter.

World Trigger Plot

World Trigger is a sci-fi anime where exhilarating battles occur between Neighbours and Border Agents. Neighbors are the other-dimensional monsters that started appearing from interdimensional gates. The local army soon noticed that their weapons were useless against these monsters. Thus an organization named Border comes in with weapons strong enough to eliminate them.

Yuma Kuga and Mikumo Osamu(Image: Animex Wallpaper)

The story revolves around Yuma Kuga, who transfers to the third-year Mikado middle school. Yuma meets a boy Mikumo Osamu. Yuma is a humanoid neighbor, and he wants to hide this fact from Border. However, things get complicated when Osamu is revealed to be a C- class Border Agent. Though they were bound to be enemies, Osamu starts protecting Kuga from Border, strengthening their friendship. World Trigger provides many action and strategic scenes to make an Otaku addicted to it.

Previously In Season 2

Season 2 had a short run of 12 episodes. It aired from January 10th, 2021, till April 4th. The anime is only available in English sub, while a dub one is expected to be released soon by Ocean Productions. World Trigger season two ended with Mikumo’s unit getting an additional recruit in the form of Hyuse.

Hyuse (Image: Pinterest)

Hyuse is a B-ranked Border agent, and his addition to Osamu’s unit was well-liked by the fans. We got to see him in the Tamakoma 2 uniform, and fans are excited for his debut fight in season 3. The second season of World Trigger included many B- rank battles. It also showed Osamu’s squad defeating Oji and Ikoma’s squad with a score of 4-3-3.

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World Trigger Season 3:

Season 3 of World Trigger is set to be released on October 9th, 2021. It’s expected to have 24 episodes and would be following the storyline without any changes. The Tamakoma squad is now complete, and the wait is over. It will air on Hulu and Crunchyroll. Let’s see whether this season successfully stands up to the expectations or not.

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