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We Never Learn: Will there be a Season 3? Read to Find out

Nowadays, people like to watch suspense, thriller, or action series more than the old school romance. And why won’t people like thriller? Because of the constant twist and turn and the never-ending surprises throughout the show. Thinking of thriller anime series, the one that strikes my mind is the anime show We Never Learn.

We Never Learn a thriller anime that gained an immense amount of popularity in a short period of time. For those who aren’t aware, We Never Learn is an anime adaptation of a Japanese Shonen thriller Manga Series. Taishi Tsutsui is the creator of this manga series. Its been only a year since the release of the first season, and its already time for the third one.

So let’s move ahead and discuss the updates about the upcoming season of the anime We Never Learn.

Release Date: We Never Learn Season 3

The very first season of the anime, the thriller anime series We Never Learn, went on air on April 7, 2019. Immediately after its ending in the same year, the second also went on air on October 6, 2019.

During the runtime of the second season of the anime, there wasn’t any official announcement regarding the third season or expansion of the anime. It seemed as if the second season would be the finale season.

But with the growing popularity of the anime series, all the fans demand the renewal of it with the new season. However, there is no official announcement regarding the new season of the anime. But still we can expect a new one.


Recently, the manga creator of We Never Learn offered her gratitude and thanked all the fans through twitter posts.

But I suggest you don’t lose hope. There is still a possibility of the anime returning with a third season. Suppose the renewal of the anime takes place for a new season. Then we can expect it to release sometime in early 2021.

Update For The Third Season

The third season of the thriller anime We Never Learn will have the following as the primary cast:

  • Nariyuki Yuiga (Voice – Ryota Osaka)
  • Fumino Furuhashi (Voice – Haruka Shiraishi)
  • Mafuyu Kirisu (Voice – Lynn
  • Rizu Ogata (Voice – Miyu Tomita)
  • Asumi Kominami (Voice – Madoka Asahina)


Storyline Of the Series

The thriller anime series We Never Learn is a story about Nariyuki Yuiga. He is a student. He fantasizes about gaining a hefty amount of grant in order to cover his college expenses. His fantasies come true as she wishes when she gets a grant.

Hee enrolls in a program. In order to get entered, he has to fill an undertaking. As he advances, he realizes that the undertaking isn’t as simple as it looks.

The story of the anime further tells the story of Nariyuki and his efforts to get into a good college. Meanwhile, he battles the undertaking.

The anime We Never Learn is available on Crunchyroll.

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