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We Never Learn Chapter 180: Nariyuki & Mafuyu’s Kiss

We Never Learn, is a very famous manga. It is popular for gaining a huge fanbase and readers in a very short period of time. The manga also has an anime adaptation that goes by the same name.

The manga got its first serialization in the year 2017, February. And it’s been three successful years since then, currently the manga is in its 18th volume. It is a teen romantic comedy series. The story is about three high school girls crushing on their teacher.

Brief Synopsis of the Manga 

The main lead of the manga, Nariyuki Yuiga is a senior high school student studying at Ichinose Academy. In order to get a university scholarship, he teaches three female geniuses – Fumino FuruhashiRizu Ogata, and Uruka Takemoto. Eventually, as they continue to study under Nariyuki’s tutorship, the girls start developing crush on Nariyuki.

Later, in the manga there two new girl character introductions – Mafuyu Kirisu and Asumi Kominami. And surprisingly in one of the chapters of the manga Nariyuki dances with one of the girls at a bonfire. And as per rumors, it is said that couples who dance together at the bonfire stay together. Who Nariyuki will end up falling in love with what the story of the manga is all about.

Nariyuki Teaching The Girls | We Never Learn

With all that said let’s head further to find out the details of the upcoming 180th chapter of the manga We Never Learn.

We Never Learn chapter 180: Release Date

The manga follows a fixed weekly schedule for the release of a new chapter. Every Sunday a new chapter drops out. And like always this time also the new chapter will drop on Sunday.

We Never Learn Chapter 180 will release on 31 October 2020. The manga is officially available on Viz Media for all the readers.

Recap to the Last Chapter: 

In the previous episode of the manga, Mafuyu tires getting close to Nariyuki, while he teaches in class. She tries impressing Nariyuki by praising him and his teaching techniques. However, the students keep asking doubts and questions, which creates a little hurdle for Mafuyu’s little romance. Mafuyu gets annoyed because of the disturbance, but she has no other choice.

Fujie a student, asks Nariyuki about his current and past relationships. Both Nariyuki and Mafuyu are surprised. Later, Nariyuki decides not to give an answer to this and goes back home.

Nariyuki and Mafuyu Sharing Romantic Moment

Later, Mafuyu visits Nariyuki with to ask a question. However, they both get engaged in playing a little romantic game. As the game progresses, one thing leads to another and they start getting closer. Without even realizing they both get into a situation where they are about to kiss each other after having a long romantic stare. Nariyuki somehow manages to get himself out of this and goes to bring snacks.

But surely there is a beginning of a new spark between both of them. What will happen to Nariyuki and Mafuyu. Find out in the next chapter of the manga We Never Learn.

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