Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order

Tokyo Ghoul, a seinen anime series that is famous for many reasons, is one long show. The anime ran for around four years and was really hyped upon debut and departure. As such, the Tokyo Ghoul watch order becomes a tough nut to crack. So, today we are here with ‘How to watch Tokyo Ghoul anime.’

The anime premiered in 2014 and its first season was much loved. A dark fantasy series, Tokyo Ghoul slowly went down the spiral of dissatisfaction in the later seasons. Heard of Promised Neverland? Tokyo Ghoul has a similar track record. However, it is still worth a single watch, especially the first two seasons. Additional warning, if blood, gore, and dark themes make you sick, just ignore Tokyo Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul Watch Order

Down below is the recommended order for the show. Most fans (including me) recommend this order to safeguard yourself from bloopers and spoilers beforehand.

  1. Tokyo Ghoul– Season 1 and mind you! It is remarkable.
  2. Tokyo Ghoul √A– Season 2 and it won’t disappoint you much as well.
  3. Tokyo Ghoul: “Jack”– OVA about our beloved White Reaper, Arima.
  4. Tokyo Ghoul: “Pinto”– Another OVA about “Gourmet” Shuu Tsukiyama in his younger days.
  5. Tokyo Ghoul: Re – It is the third season and the beginning of Tokyo Ghoul’s downfall. Nevertheless, still worth a watch (at least to complete the story!)
  6. Tokyo Ghoul: Re 2nd Season – Last season of the show that covers the final arc of the manga and also disappoints you much.

So above is the anime-only watch order. I would recommend at least one read of the manga to give justice to Sui Ishida’s masterpiece. After you complete the show, you can start the manga and it also not very long. However, your disappointment in the show will only increase once you start reading the manga, at least the last few seasons.

Is There Any Other Way To Watch The Show?

Essentially, Yes! If you plan on reading the manga then after the second OVA, you should read the Tokyo Ghoul: Re manga. The adaptation of this part of the series is totally not justified. Not only does the anime, twist the story but it also skips major events and in the end, you have a cringe and lost TV show. It is the most recommended order for the show, one that keeps you smiling throughout.

tokyo ghoul in order
Tokyo Ghoul

Apart from this, Tokyo Ghoul anime is good enough with top-notch animation and a  bang-on opening. So, follow this order and you should like the show. Even though you have watched the anime, do give a read to the manga right from chapter one as it is seriously enjoyable. Again, a big gore and trigger warning for the manga as well so read at your own risk.

Tokyo Ghoul: What is the Storyline?

The anime begins with 19 years old shy and introverted college student, Ken Kaneki. One day, after a fated encounter with a ghoul named Rize, Kaneki wakes up in a hospital to find that he is no longer human. Now, Kaneki struggles to find a place for himself as a half-ghoul, half-human hybrid. Kaneki comes across a safe haven for ghouls- a cafe named Anteiku. Kaneki now slowly embraces his identity as a ghoul while mixing with others of his kind.

Though a lot more could be said, I will avoid spoilers for the show. Written and illustrated by Sui Ishida, the manga debuted in 2011 and became quick fame. After this, a sequel named Tokyo Ghoul: Re came out in 2014 and was much loved by fans. So now the question arises why was the anime such a flop show? The Tokyo Ghoul anime fails as an adaptation. Skipping over major arcs and flawy character development ( we didn’t get to see the white suit Kaneki!) made the anime a sinking boat.

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Tokyo Ghoul anime will disappoint towards the end but it is still worth a watch. So if you want to watch the show, head straight to Netflix and Crunchyroll. It is still worth a watch and you should have fun with it.