Fairy Tail Watch Order

Fairy Tail is one good anime. A long-running shonen anime, fairy tail is a must-watch for all weebs. Ideally, many newbies start their anime journey with this show. But as is the case with most mainstream shows, Fairy Tail’s length becomes a bit of an issue. It makes the show time-consuming, but it also confuses viewers about where to start and how to walk through the show. So today, we are here with Fairy Tail watch order for all anime fans!

Fairy Tail debuted a characteristic shonen trope in 2006 and rose to become a classic and an all-time favorite. After the series attained quick fame, it was made into an anime in 2009. Fairy tail covers the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and his comrades, who, in a bid to find Natsu’s father, end up saving the world. It is one fun show which ran for so long-ten years to be precise. So obviously, watching it becomes a bit confusing. Even the number of seasons is not a set number! Also, it has a whole lot of OVAs and movies. So first up, let’s begin with the watch guide.

Fairy Tail: A simple Watch Guide

As said above, the number of seasons Fairy Tail has debatable-some consider it to be three; others think it will be nine seasons long!  Today we will list down the order of episodes in which you should go about the show instead of counting down the seasons.

  1. Fairy Tail Episode 1-68- This covers the first two seasons. I would recommend you to start right here.
  2. Welcome to Fairy Hills!!- OVA should be watched after episode 68.
  3. Fairy Academy- This is the second OVA. Watch this right after the first one.
  4. Memory Days- The Third OVA should be watched in line with the second one.
  5. Fairy Tail Episode 69-124- Season 2 to some part of season 4 is covered.
  6. Prologue: The Sunrise- Watch this next.
  7. Fairy Tail Episode 125-150- These episodes cover the last parts of season 4 and season 5.
  8. Fairy Tail X Rave- OVA number six. You should watch this after season 5, episode 150.
  9. Fairy Tail Episode 151-154- Season 6 begins here. Be sure to follow along.
  10. Fairies’ Training Camp- By release, this is the fourth OVA, but preferably, you should watch it after episode 154.
  11. Fairy Tail Episode 155-170- These episodes are also part of the sixth season
  12. The Exciting Ryuzetsu Land- OVA five,  should be watched after season 6.
  13. Fairy Tail Episode 171-175- Apparently, season 6 was very long, but it’s a nice order.
  14. Fairy Tail Episode 176-203- These episodes are part of season 7 of the anime.
  15. Fairies’ Penalty Game- Another OVA should be watched before episode 204.
  16. Fairy Tail Episode 204-233-  Season 7 continues.
  17. Natsu vs Mavis- Eighth OVA and a rather one-to-watch special.
  18. Fairies’ Christmas- Ninth and final OVA of the series.
  19. Fairy Tail Episode 234-277- These episodes run through seasons 7 and 8.
  20. Fairy Tail: Final Series- The last and ninth installment of the series.

Watch Order for Fairy Tail Movies

  1. Phoenix Priestess- This is the first movie of the franchise. Go with it once you are done with the prologue.
  2. The First Morning- Another movie that came out in 2013. Watch this next.
  3. Dragon Cry- The final feature film of the franchise. It came out in 2017.

I know, I know it seems a bit too long. But once you catch up the pace, there is no backing down from this amazing piece of art. You will find yourself awake all night as you see Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet raging in battle. And you can watch the last movie’s trailer here:

Are there any filler episodes in Fairy Tail?

Ah…Yes, actually. There are quite a few since the anime was quite well-paced, and the anime fell behind. I’ll list them down to make things easier:-

  • Season 1- Episodes 9 and 19. Episode 20 is a mixed canon and filler episode, so that’s special.
  • Fairy Tail season 2- Episodes 49-50, and episodes 69-72.
  • Season 3- Episodes 73-75 are fillers.
  • Fairy Tail Season 4- Episode 125is the only filler in this season.
  • Season 5- Episodes126 to 150. It turns out the whole season is filler!
  • Season 6- Episode 151 is the only filler in this season. It can also be called a mixed episode.
  • Fairy Tail Season 7- Episodes 202-226 are all fillers, whereas 201, 255, and 260 are mixed.
  • Season 8- Episode 268 is pure filler, and episode 270 is mixed.
  • Season 9- In episode 268, we get the last filler or mixed episode of the franchise.

Check Complete Fairy Tail Filler List

The last question that stays is whether you should watch these fillers. I would say yes, watch them. If you are going solely by the anime, it would hurt to skip these episodes since you will miss out on the storyline. Also, even if you have already read the manga or are reading it alongside, I will not suggest you skip even a single episode. If you haven’t watched the show already, go head first to Crunchyroll or Netflix.

Last Thoughts

Lucy Heartfilia with series protagonist Natsu Dragneel (Image: Comic Book)

Fairy Tail is one fun and refreshing anime, making it even more of a must-watch. If you want to enjoy this show to the fullest, I strongly recommend you to go by this order. Oh, and be sure to keep some popcorn by your side. Also, if you wanted to stay updated with your anime, be sure to check out the list of Best Free Anime Streaming Apps.