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Detective Conan Watch Order

A milestone anime, Detective Conan is one long (very long) series. Premiering in 1996, the series has 1000 plus episodes, more than 20 feature films, and around 12 OVAs so far. As such, viewers all over are confused-how to go about the show? Even advance level weebs find Detective Conan’s long list of production a little mind-boggling. So today, we are here with ‘Detective Conan: The Best Watch Guide!’

Also known as Case Closed, the anime’s longevity is not actually that much of a problem. Once you are aware of the basic layout and essential characters, you can pick it up anywhere. Thanks to its “case of the week” format, Case Closed becomes a bit easier to go through. Nevertheless, we have listed a simple watch order for those who want to watch the show rigorously.

Detective Canon Overview

Detective Conan Filler Episodes

Out of the 1000+ episodes, many are filler episodes not taken from the original manga. If you want to keep up with the original storyline, you can skip these parts. However, these episodes (just like the whole show) are quite fun to watch. So, if you have enough time to spare or if you’re a big fan, you SHOULD watch these. Given below is the list of all filler episodes for the show.

Detective Conan Canon Episodes

Barring the fillers, the canon episodes are, more or less, important. As said above, if you are well informed of the essentials, you can pick up the anime anywhere; I would not recommend anyone to skip these episodes. These canon episodes are essential to the story of our ‘little’ high-school detective, Shinichi Kudo.

Detective Conan: The Best Watch Order Guide

The series is quite long, and many movies and OVAs tighten things up a bit. So, today we are going to list down the order for all OVAs and movies. The list will be a bit long since there is so much to talk about. First up, here we are not counting Magic Kaito and Magic File. You can easily watch Magic Kaito after finishing the whole series, and as for Magic File, they are non-canon, so watch them as per whim.

Detective Conan Movies

  1. The Time Skyscraper Movie- Watch it after episode 54.
  2. The Fourteenth Target Movie- After episode 97, you can watch it.
  3. The Last Wizard of The Century Movie- After watching short stories, watch this.
  4. Captured in Her Eyes Movie- Watch this after episode 186.
  5. Countdown To Heaven Movie- After episode 231, watch this.
  6. The Phantom of Baker Street Movie- Watch the movie after episode 275.
  7. Crossroad in the Ancient Capital Movie- Watch this after episode 315.
  8. Magician of The Silver Sky Movie- You should watch this movie after episode 356 of the series.
  9. Strategy Above the Depths Movie- Go for this movie only after 396.
  10. Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure Movie- Watch this after episode 470.
  11. Full Score of Fear Movie- You can watch this after episode 504.
  12. The Raven Chaser Movie- After ep 531, watch this movie first.
  13. The Lost Ship in The Sky Movie- Next, watch this movie after episode 570.
  14. Quarter of Silence Movie- After ep 613, watch this.
  15. The Eleventh Striker Movie- Watch this only after completing episode 651.
  16. Private Eye in The Distant Sea Movie- After episode 680, watch this next.
  17. Lupin III vs Detective Conan Movie Special- Do not watch this before episode 721.
  18. Dimensional Sniper Movie- Go with this movie after episode 735.
  19. Sunflowers of Inferno Movie- After episode 774, be sure to watch this movie.
  20. The Darkest Nightmare Movie- Once you finish episode 813, watch this movie.
  21. The Crimson Love Letter Movie- Right after episode 874, pick this movie.
  22. Zero The Enforcer Movie- Not before episode 898.
  23. The Fist of Blue Sapphire Movie- Only watch this after episode 935.

Whew! That is one long list. The 23rd movie is the most recent one, and after this, you should start with episode 936. It sure looks like a lot to watch, but there is a catch to it. But before telling you how to go about these movies, it’s time to list down the OVAs.

Detective Conan OVAs

  1. Detective Conan Short Stories 1, 2 and, 3- Not really sure if these are counted as OVAs, but you should watch them after episode 139.
  2. Conan vs Kid vs Yaiba OVA- This is the first official OVA. Watch it after the last wizard movie.
  3. Detective Conan Short Stories 4, 5, 6 and, 7- After OVA 1, watch these.
  4. 16 Suspects OVA- Watch this after episode 262.
  5. Conan and Heiji and the Vanished Boy OVA- After episode 303, watch this.
  6. Conan and Kid and Crystal Mother OVA- Watch this OVA after episode 344.
  7. The Target is Kogoro! The Detective Boys’ Secret Investigation OVA- Watch this after ep 383.
  8. Follow the Vanished Diamond! Conan & Heiji vs Kid! OVA- This should be watched only after ep 424.
  9. The Private Eyes Requiem Movie- Only after completing ep 434, watch this.
  10. A Challenge from Agasa! OVA- Watch this after episode 456.
  11. High School Girl Detective Sonoko Suzuki’s Case Files OVA- Eighth OVA, watch this after ep 490.
  12. The Stranger in 10 Years OVA- OVA 9, watch this only after ep 520.
  13. Kid in Trap Island OVA- After ep 561, you can watch this.
  14. A Secret Order from London OVA- Watch this OVA after ep 601.
  15. The Miracle of Excalibur OVA- After ep 641, go for this OVA.

So, How to Watch Detective Conan?

The easiest and most preferable method is to go for the canon episodes. You can easily swim past the fillers, movies, and OVAs and watch the original, straight out of the manga episodes. As we have seen with both old and new series, filler episodes can sometimes be a little off-beat (though Detective Conan has its fair share of good fillers), you can avoid them.

Detective Conan Watch Order Poster

However, if you still want to watch it, I recommend watching the canon episodes first and then the movies, fillers, and OVAs. This way you can also save some time. Plus, it is difficult to watch the whole show legally outside of Japan. Even major platforms like Crunchyroll do not stream the whole series. Others, like Funimation, recently lost their streaming rights for the show.

Last Words

Detective Conan is surely one long series. But if you have enough time on your hands (or if you are someone like me), you would honestly the fun detective story with a twist. So, with this guide, head straight on Detective Conan and have fun! And have you heard of Deku’s new quirk? If not then head here.

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