Wakfu Season 4 : Release Date, Netflix Air And Everything We Know So Far

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Whenever we talk about animes, the first thing that crosses all of our minds is “Made In Japan.” However, Wakfu might be the only anime to be solely produced in France. From the characters to the production and the animation, everything is done by the french studio. This fact makes the show extremely special and gives Wakfu a touch we all aren’t that used to. The show has managed to gain enough popularity that it’s now on Netflix and has managed to gain one more producer on its board.

This french animated series began airing in 2017 and has soo far, as we all know, released three seasons. The fans are now eagerly waiting to know when the season 4 will finally hit the screens. If you’re looking to know everything about Wakfu Season 4, then look no further. Make sure to keep on reading this post and find out.

When Will Wakfu Season 4 Get Released?

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Fans would be pleased to know that Ankama Animation, the studio responsible for animating our beloved show, has confirmed that there will be a season 4.

Season 4 of the show will be the last season and will cover the final story arc. However, it seems that the studio is having a few problems with gathering enough funds. As of 2020, the studio did launch a fundraiser to complete Wakfu season 4 once and for all, and that too with a bang.

So, the ultimate question is, will there be a season 4? Yes, definitely 100%. However, since it is the last season, it might take a bit longer than expected to come out. In my opinion, I firmly believe that the wait makes the show even more worthwhile.

Another question that might be bothering the fans is when will the show come out? Since the fundraiser was launched in 2020 and assuming that they can gather funds on time, we can expect season 4 to get released by the end of 2021 or in the fall of 2022.

It is crucial for us to remember that good quality animation takes time. However, all of these dates are mere speculation till an official release date is announced. So, all we know right now is that there will be a season 4, but we don’t know exactly when. However, with Netflix now on board, the series might get released sooner than expected.

Where To Watch Season 4 online In English Sub/Dub?


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If you’re looking to do one last rerun before season 4 finally hits the screen, then make sure to get a Netflix and Crunchyroll subscription. The subscription will also make sure that you never miss out on a release date. Fans are also advised to do check whether the show is available on Netflix in their country or not. We have seen many times that some content on Netflix isn’t universal. If the same thing happens with you by any chance, then make sure to check its availability on Crunchyroll.

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