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Visual Prison Reveals New Stylish Band Posters

Visual Prison (Image: Funimation News)

Visual Prison is set to debut soon. A J-Pop themed anime, Visual Prison,, recently revealed new voguish band posters. TheThis year, theime will be out later this year and is already making quite a buzz. Thanks to its unique genre and superb aesthetic.

Visual Prison is set to be out sometime around October this year and comes around with a not much-depicted concept. Anime is one of the most famous forms of entertainment. Additionally, its variety and widespread genre outreach make it even more attractive. Visual Prison sets down this fact even more firmly,, and now fans wait wide-eyed for this anime.

What is Visual Prison About?

The story begins with a lonely orphan, Ange Yuki, who leaves his hometown and heads straight to Harajuku. He wishes to see his favourite artist there. To his surprise, he encounters a battle between LOS † EDEN and ECLIPSE, two very famous bands. However, Yuki doesn’t know that OZ members, ECLIPSE and LOS † EDEN are all vampires. Every full moon, they assemble in Harajuku and fight it off as visual kei units. As Yuki watches closely, he suddenly feels intense pain.

Visual Prison Updates

We already have some news about the anime. Aniplex’s A1 Pictures and Noriyasu Agematsu are coming together for this anime. Recently, we got to see some pictures of the band members, and the aesthetics are eye-pleasing.

Apart from this,, we also got to see the members from OZ, ECLIPSE and LOS † EDEN. Also, we got some news about the staff engaged in the anime apart from Agematsu. The music for the show will be made by Elements Garden.

Visual Prison Band Posters

OZ, ECLIPSE and LOS † EDEN are the three bands acting as the main cast for the show. In recent tweets,, we saw, the band members in casual as well as full costume outfits. One thing is for sure, the beauty of these band members is surely sparkly. First up, we have OZ.

Next, the animes website also revealed pictures for ECLIPSE.

Finally, we have LOS † EDEN which is a four member group.


The anime is set to turn eyes upon release because of its unique storyline and a line of handsome men. Apart from this we are sure to see some exciting action in this J-Pop anime.

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