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Vinland Saga Mangaka Taking A Break Before The Final Arc Begins


Let’s be honest, not a lot of historical mangas have been able to gain the popularity that Vinland Saga has managed to attain. The nordic history manga that focuses on the life of a young Viking out to take revenge for his father’s death and change the brutal regimes of the Viking society touched the heart of millions around the world.

The popular manga attained even more acclaim when its brand new anime series was released gaining a whopping 8.7/10 rating from IMDb. However, this to the readers comes as no surprise as they know how amazing and gut-wrenching the story is. As much as we all love the stories of heroes with superpowers living in a magical world. there is something different about the heroes of the real world. The heroes, who don’t rely on superpowers or magic but rely on their brutal strength, their cunning minds, and ofcourse hard work.

Vinland Saga is just one of those historical stories that get us hooked right from the beginning. However, it seems that the manga has hit a bit of a speed bump. The manga that has been running for over 16 years now, is taking a break before the author Makoto Yukimura begins writing the final arc of the series.


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Not to mention, that season 2 of the series is also currently in production which would require full guidance by the mangaka. It is the final arcs of the series that are the most crucial and thus often end up taking a lot of time and with the way the popularity of the series has blown up, all thanks to its anime its no wonder that Makoto wants to take his sweet time to make an ending that will be appreciated by all.

You see the thing about great stories is, they need to end well. Not everyone will love it, that’s for sure but the ending needs to do the story justice, and to make a masterpiece ending, every author needs time. That is why the author of Vinland Saga has taken a break from the manga till November to focus more on the anime production that has been launched this year. Not to mention with the season 1 English Dub coming soon, and with plenty of material for the next season, I think this is the perfect time for the author to finally take some much-needed break!


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