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Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! All Set To Make A Come Back For Season 2 In 2022

Going to college with people from your school can get a little complicated. I mean, everyone who has known you well in the past, will automatically assume you to behave the same way as you did back in school. However, when they notice how much the “Adult Life” takes a toll on us our friends from the past find it hard to accept the change. This exact premise is what we get to see in the anime Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!.

When Hana Uzaki finds her high school senior, Shinichi Sakurai, attending the same college as her, she couldn’t be more happier. However, the young and lively girl soon realizes that this isn’t the same Shinichi as the one she knew back from high school. Seeing the drastic change in Shinichi’s personality and how he has turned into an absolute loner, Hana decides to bring him back to his old and happy self.  Her obsession with Shinichi however, ends up making her follow him everywhere like a pest making sure that he is never left alone. Although their relationship is quite platonic with Shinichi being uncomfortable with Hana’s presence most of the time, we do see the characters opening up a bit. However, the biggest question is will Hana ever succeed? Or will she have to find a way to accept Shinichi for who he is?

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The answer to these questions however is soon going to get answered, as much to our delight we are extremely happy to announce to our readers that Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Is all set to make a comeback with a season 2.

The anime’s producers announced in their Twitter handle, releasing some extra footage highlighting what to expect next season and from the looks of it, it seems really amusing. Season 2 of the show is all set to premiere next year, most probably in the spring of 2022,. The new season will highlight the introduction of new characters including Hana’s family members, and we will get to see even more of Shinichi and Hana’s constant bickering and hopefully some romance!

Will this slice of life anime turn into a romantic comedy? Will Shinichi end up developing feelings for Hana or vice versa? We’ll just have to wait and find out. However, seeing that the show is getting a season 2, it becomes quite clear that the anime is now making its way into people’s hearts, which for us is a piece of great news because we just cannot seem to get enough! Make sure to watch all the latest episodes of Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out! Available on Crunchyroll.


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