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The series of The Loan Shark Spinoff launched in February 2017. The big news is that the manga will return soon! The Ushijima The Loan Shark Spinoff: The Nikumamushi Manga set to arrive this summer. Moreover, in April 2019, the manga went on a break and restarted that summer. The thirty-fifth issue of Shogakukan’s magazine announced that Ushijima The Loan Shark Spinoff: The Nikumamushi Manga will come back this summer.

About Ushijima The Loan Shark

The Loan Shark a manga series written by Shohei Manabe. The manga received a Shogakukan Manga Award in 2011. Moreover, the manga was nominated for Osamu Tezuka cultural prize for two years, 2008, and 2010. None the less it got nominated for France’s Angouleme Comics Award in the year 2008. The manga adapted into a live-action TV series in the year 2010—moreover, the action film based on manga produced in August 2012. Also, the sequel came out in May 2016. Lastly, in October 2016, Yamikin Ushijima-Kun The Final released.

Ushijima The Loan Shark Spinoff Source: Every-eye Anime

The original manga got published in Weekly Big Comic Spirits in the year 2004. Finally, the 46th volume of manga published in March 2019. It was the final volume of the manga series.


The loan shark offers the loan to people who are in desperate need of money. The people who can’t pay debts, and are in no form to earn money lawfully. The loan shark gives them money with a 50 percent interest rate. Although, with the condition to return the money within ten days.

Ushijima strives in a world where it is impossible to survive with the work he does. However, he intends to have every yen he has given.

Moreover, Ushijima doesn’t want his customers to go through the miseries of the underworld. Whether it be identity theft, prostitution, or even extortion Ushijima wishes good for them.

Characters of manga

The main character of Ushijima, The Loan Shark, is Karou Ushijima. Other characters from the manga are:

  • Chiaki Okubo
  • Ezaki
  • Takada
  • Moko

The Ushijima The Loan Shark Spinoff all set to launch in Summer. Fans can follow the official twitter page of Anime News Network, and visit the website of Urban Fusion for official updates.


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