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Tower of God Episode 12 Release Date Preview and Spoilers

It is only the first season going on of the anime Tower of God.’ Although we can spot many lackings in the anime like the plot-building elements or even the developments of the characters. But still, the anime is somehow managing to match up to our expectations without letting down the viewers.

As the anime is progressing, the emotional turns have come out quite beautifully. The pace at which the story is unfolding itself, makes me feel like there is a lot more in store of the anime ‘Tower of God.’ But sadly, only two more episodes are left for the finale of season 1. To make sure that you all don’t miss any latest updates and what the anime will head further, I will be sharing details with you. In this post, we will be discussing the details like release date, preview, and other updates of the upcoming episode.

Release Date: When will the anime Tower of God Episode 12 air?

Start the countdown. As less than 24 hours are left for the release of the next episode of the Tower of God. This is the first season of the anime and will have a total of 13 episodes. The anime started streaming since April 2, 2020, and is nearing to its end.

The pre-finale episode, i.e., episode 12 of the anime Tower of God, will release Tomorrow, on June 17, 2020, at 11:00 PM JST.


Where can we stream the episode 12?

Crunchyroll licenses the anime for streaming. Crunchyroll is a popular online streaming platform, especially for Japanese anime and movies.

Tower of God is available on Crunchyroll with the original Japanese audio along with English subtitles. Even the manga edition of the same from which the anime is adapted is available to read on Webtoons.

Spoilers: Episode 12

What will happen in the next episode of the Tower of God? 

In the last episode of the anime Tower of God, we saw the administrator asking Bam to tell him what he wants. But as its the last chance for Bam to reach to the top of the tower, Yu Han also asks the same to Bam. Yu Han asks him what Bam wishes. Later, Bam comes out of the room and reveals that although the administrator has allowed both of them, i.e., Bam and Rachel, to take the test. But eventually, rest everything else is up to Yu Han Sung. After that, Yu Han Sung compliments Rachel by saying she is a fortunate person.

Preview: Episode 12 Tower of God


Bam and Rachel are yet to face the worst phases during the test. In the coming episode of Tower of God, we might see Bam and Rachel making some tough decisions. Meanwhile, we can see Khun trying his best to help them get past through this test. As we all know that the test has resulted in taking the lives of many. So there might be some tragic deaths in the upcoming 12th episode of the anime Tower of God.

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