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Top 10 Anime Sites For Streaming Your Favorite Anime


Hello Friends, We hope you know that What Anime Is! Well, Yes, Anime is a current popular trend and choice as well that everyone loves to watch it. Anime has it’s own fanbase among it, and all the people of different age groups are enjoying it either girl, boy or any older people. There are many Anime series such as Dragon Ball, The attack on Titan, Naruto, Mob Psycho etc., are most popular, and highly-rated series and the beneficial thing is you can watch it anytime you want.

But the question is Where You can Watch these Aimes Free? Earlier you can watch any Anime that telecasted on Television but only on that specific time! Now What if you want to watch these animes on your convenient time! So If you are looking for the platform for watching these anime series, then you are at the right place.

Here we have mentioned some of the best anime sites on that you can watch your favourite Anime online. The main thing is, you can watch your favourite Anime anytime. So let’s see each one by one.

Top Free Anime Sites to Watch Your Favorite Anime Online

  • Netflix

Nowadays, who doesn’t know about Netflix! But still many people don’t know that Netflix also provides us with various Anime series, which is in both English and Japanese language and also offer it with the sub-titles. Isn’t it great!


Many people might know that you can’t watch Netflix series without a subscription. So if you are already Netflix user, then there is no issue as you can watch a fantastic show on that such as Voltron, Seven Deadly Sins and many more. But if you are new to Netflix, then you can also watch these series with Free Trial. Then afterwards, if you love to watch these series, then you can subscribe the Netflix.

  • DeadToonsIndia

DeadtoonsIndia is the most popular Anime site to watch your favourite Animes series in Hindi and English language. This site provides us with Marvel HQ, All the Nickelodeon shows and many more that are free. It also provides Hindi Dubbed Anime shows for free.



Another thing is you can download any show within just a few clicks as it has user-friendly UI and It is also ad-free. In this site, you can request any show that you want to watch, and the best thing is, It is so faster that, your requested video will be added on the site within 24 hours. So Don’t wait and watch your all favourite Animes on DeadToonsIndia.

  •  Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a famous and legal site Which usually don’t provide an Anime series without Paid Premium plans, but there is an alternative to watch thousands of Anime series without any premium plan, and that thing is you can watch any series which offers three to four breaks per episode and the video quality of 480 pixels.



So there are no concerns if you have no problem with the low resolution of video quality and three to four ads per episode. On this site, you can discover more shows or different categories with the help of Filter. It has a massive collection of several series of Animes so you can choose your favourite one. It also provides the latest updates of Anime so you won’t miss the chance to watch it. This site also offers More than 25,000 collections of Anime series. You will also get Anime videos, Manga, Music, Drama and many more.

  • 9Anime

9Anime is the best site where you can get online streaming Anime videos in high definition. It is the ideal site that displays less advertises, and the content of this site gets updated frequently. This site provides More than 26,000 Anime shows that also offer the content of Movies, Videos and many more.


You can use the Filter option on this site and choose your favourite Anime to watch it on free of costs. One of the best reasons is this site has a hugely neat user interface so you can find the stuff quickly and this feature has made this site very popular among its fanbase.

  • Kissanime

This site plays a massive role in the Anime lovers since it’s establishment as this site provides free, so the user doesn’t need to worry about anything else except enjoying Anime!



The different thing on this site compared to others is you can not only watch your favourite shows online, but you can download them as well! But for that, you need to sing into this site. It provides a wide variety of animes that anime lovers will love to watch.

  • GoGoAnime

It is another best anime streaming site among all of these. It also provides the latest Anime shows in user-friendly categories such as popular, Recently added, Ongoing, Recent release and many more.


This site includes content such as Latest Korean and Japanese dramas, cartoon, various Anime series and their dubbed episodes, Manga series etc. This site also lets you download the Anime series with zero costs. It is one of the exciting sites that one Anime lover is looking for.

  • Hulu

If you are looking for the high quality of the videos and vast collection of Anime series, then this site is best for you. This site offers many contents such as Movies, TV shows, Anime series and many more. It Provides Anime shows like Trigun, One Piece, Naruto Shippuden, and so on. So you can get the best Anime experience here.


Here the best thing is, It doesn’t display the ad while watching your favourite anime series, but for that, you have to pay some money to take the subscription of Hulu, and one more exciting thing is that once you get the Hulu subscription along with this, you will also get Crunchyroll premium! Yeah, Isn’t it great!

  • Viewster

This site is commonly known as Movie streaming site although it also provides the collection of Anime series too. You can get a fantastic collection of Tv shows, Movie, Drama and many more. The option of Filter and search make this site much useful as you will get the Instant results of it.


This site also contains one or more different Ads, and If you found it as a no issue, then this site is the perfect choice of you. You can also use the Android version of this website for better user experience. It also includes content such as old and classic Anime series. So if you are looking for the old series and better user experience, then you can choose this site as it’s the best option for you.

  • Animefreak

On this site, you don’t need to pay anything, and you will get the dubbed and subbed version of any Anime series. This site has much diligent user interface with numbers of categories such as Latest Anime, Popular Anime and many more categorized view of Anime series. This site only provides to view the series online means you are not able to download them.

This site provides more than 10,000 Anime episodes, and you will get the newly added episode daily, and this feature makes this site famous among the fans of Anime lovers.

  • Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is the site where you can get the most viewed and latest Anime series on free of cost. You can find all the Anime shows, Manga shows, Anime soundtracks and many more.


Benefits of using this site are you can get the latest content very fast as this site updates its content regularly. So for the faster user experience and the latest content, you can choose this site.


So these are the top free anime streaming website or the platform on which you can choose your favourite and convenient one. Among all of these sites, we hope you probably select one to watch your favourite Anime series. If you have any new suggestions for the website and any feedback regarding our mentioned sites, then please let us know in the comment section. Thank you!

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