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In many regions of the world if people find you watching anime people may judge you as childish.  But in Japan, Anime is not just a childhood thing but it’s used for all type of animation movies. The anime comics are called Manga which has a wide pool of fans. For the rest of the world, anime and cartoon both are two different worlds. Like Anime is Japanese Guy and Cartoon in American Guy. English dictionaries define the word Anime as ‘Japanese style of motion-picture animation’. 

anime vs cartoonIn reality, Anime is a totally different thing than the regular cartoon in many ways like the story, details and style. Anime has fans from school going kids to adults. Personally, I feel animes are more cute, realistic and adorable. It has better stories that everyone can watch at any age. Let’s understand the scenario with a meme.

anime vs cartoon

There are so many online anime streaming websites, but we will talk about them later. Today I am here to share with you some worth recommending top anime news and blog websites from where you can stay up to date about Anime Universe. If you are real anime lover you should definitely check them out once and bookmark a few of them.

Top 10 Anime News & Blog Websites

1. Manga.Tokyo


Company: Gradus inc.

CEO: Tetsuya Okamura

Established: 2015

Headquarters: Japan

Tag Line: MANGA.TOKYO is Your Otaku Friend in Japan.

About Manga.TOKYO

Manga.Tokyo is an anime and manga news website based in Osaka, Japan. It’s one of the few websites in Japan which are in the English Language. Every news is directly from Japan so we can say it’s the fastest website in terms of news and latest releases. They are active since the year 2015.

Their team is dedicated to,

  • The latest Anime News and Reviews
  • Manga News and Reviews
  • Novel News and Reviews
  • Reports on Otaku events and concerts
  • Games and Otaku Culture

2. Tokyo Otaku Mode


Company: Tokyo Otaku Mode Inc.

CEO: Tomo Kamei

Established: 2012

Headquarters: USA

Tag Line: From figures to fashion – items for every otaku’s collection!

About Tokyo Otaku Mode:

Tokyo Otaku Mode is just more than a news website, It’s e-commerce too. It focuses on Manga, Japanese art and anime. It’s also based in Tokyo, Japan and in the English language. Their Headquarters is located in the USA. They are active since the year 2012.

Website is dedicated to,

  • Anime Blog & News
  • Manga Blog & News
  • Movies and Events
  • Japanese Art
  • E-commerce
  • Products and Games
  • Fashion
  • Music



Company: ANN

CEO: Christopher Macdonald

Established: 1998

Founder: Justin Sevakis

Headquarters: Canada

Tag Line: The Internet’s most trusted anime news source.

About Anime News Network:

It is one of the oldest English website dedicated to anime universe founded in July 1998 by Justin Sevakis. Beside an International version, ANN has separate versions of the website for the USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand, France and South Asia. The ANN reports about anime, manga, video games, comics and manga. It has also an encyclopedia for listing anime, staff, companies, tv shows and much more.  There is also a forum for discussion for fans.

Website is dedicated to,

  • Anime News and Reviews
  • TV Shows and Podcasts
  • Encyclopedia
  • Manga News and Reviews
  • Japanese Music
  • Video Games
  • Forum

4. Crunchyroll


Company: Otter Media

CEO: Joanne Waage

Established: 2006

Founder: Kun Gao

Headquarters: USA

Tag Line: The official source for anime.

About Crunchyroll:

Crunchyroll is a USA based publisher, distributor and licensing company focused on streaming anime, shows, drama and manga. No.1 legal website for streaming anime online which has a premium membership system with 45 million registered users and 2 million subscribers worldwide.

The website also has a forum and Merchandise for fans. They have partnered with giant companies like SONY, Microsoft, Aniplex for various services. You can stream anime online on Crunchyroll. They are active since 14 May 2006. Website’s content is also available in various languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Italian and Russian.

Website is dedicated to,

  • Anime Streaming
  • Anime News
  • Manga News
  • TV Shows
  • Forum
  • Premium Content and Membership
  • Merchandise E-commerce

5. CBR (Comic Book Resources)


Company: Valnet Inc

Senior Editor: Stephen Gerding

Founders: Jonah Weiland

Established: 1995

Headquarters: Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada

Tag Line: The World’s Top Destination For Comic, Movie & TV news.

About CBR:

CBR (formerly Comic Book Resources) is service anime and comic fans since the year 1995. It’s one of the few oldest and top comic and anime website. They claim to have a readership of over 60 million users and 75k members are active in their community. They started for content about DC Comics and now they post everything about anime, comics, movies and tv shows. They are based in Canada active since the year 1995. They have 2 million subscribers on their youtube channel.

Website is focused on,

  • Comic News and Reviews
  • TV Shows News and Reviews
  • Top Listing
  • Anime News
  • Movie News
  • Community
  • Youtube Channel


6. ComicBook

ComicBook.COM LLC

Company: ComicBook LLC Doing Business As Pop Culture Media

CEO & Founder: Shannon Terry

Established: January 1, 2014

Headquarters: Tennessee, USA

Tag Line: Entertainment media and lifestyle company for a generation that loves larger than life characters, celebrities and entertainment franchises.

About is a subsidiary of Pop Culture Media which an entertainment media company based in the USA. This brand also owns POPCULTURE.COM  and Except for Anime and Comic news the website also has the database of Movie and TV Shows. They are active on www since the year 2014.

Website is focused on,

  • Comic Book News and Reviews
  • Anime News and Reviews
  • Games News and Reviews
  • Movies News and Reviews
  • TV Shows News and Reviews
  • Community
  • Video Content (Youtube Channel)


7. AnimeLab


Company: Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd

Founders: Tim Anderson, Paul Wiegard

Established: 28 May 2014

Headquarters: Victoria, Australia

Tag Line: Free Anime fast-tracked from Japan + all the hits!

About AnimeLab:

AnimeLab is an anime streaming website with a subscription-based model. It is a subsidiary brand of Madman Anime Group (Aniplex). They reached one million users in the year 2018.  They are more focused on video streaming rather than anime news. They are active since the year 2014.

Website is focused on,

  • Anime Streaming
  • Anime News
  • Cosplay
  • Stars and characters

8. Otaku Kart


Company: OtakuKart India Limited

CEO: Sohel Moldharia

Founders: Sohel Moldharia, Jerika Moldharia

Established: 2015

Headquarters: Navsari, Gujarat, India

Tag Line: No Tag Line

About OtakuKart:

OtakuKart is an Indian website highly focused on specific animes such as Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. It’s not a big website as ANN and MANGA.TOKYO but it’s really an interesting one. They also post spoilers and theoretical articles.

Website is focused on,

  • Anime, Games, Movies, TV Shows, and Comics.
  • One Piece.
  • Naruto.
  • Dragon Ball Z.
  • My Hero Academia.

9. Anime UK News


Company: Anime UK News

CEO:  Unknown

Established: 2004

Headquarters: United Kingdom

Tag Line: Designed and maintained by devoted anime fans.

About AnimeUKNews:

UK based anime news website servicing the anime fans since the year 2004. It’s a boon for British anime fans, as they publish tons of new content every day. They post about Anime, Manga, Films and Books. They also have a chatroom and very active forum for anime fans. They mostly talk about Anime culture in the UK but other country fans can also get benefits from it.

Website is focused on,

  • Anime News
  • Manga News
  • Movies News
  • Books News
  • Chat Room (Discordapp)
  • Forum Community
  • UK Anime Release Schedule

10. UK Anime Network


Company: Etharius Ltd

Founder: Ross Liversidge

Established: 1996

Headquarters: North Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Tag Line: Largest Japanese culture websites in the UK.


UKAnimeNetwork is one of the oldest English website dedicated to Japanese anime culture. They are active since the year 1996. They post news and reviews about anime, games, manga, live-action and toy box. There is also a forum for fans discussion. UAN post various interesting blog posts about Anime and Manga.

Website is focused on,

  • Anime News and Reviews
  • Manga News and Reviews
  • Games Reviews
  • Forum Community
  • Live-Action Reviews


I hope you liked the list and you might bookmark some of them. There are tons of other websites with anime content which I could have mentioned in this article, but they aren’t fully dedicated to Anime. So I haven’t mentioned less relevant and mixed niche websites.

If you know any good website which is committed to anime universe, kindly share with us in the comment section. Also, share your views and feedback into the comment section. Thanks for reading.


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