“Tom Taylor” a name in the world of comics credited for personifying fictional characters like Iron Man and X-Men has now come in the world of horror fancies. Tom’s tremendous engrossment in comic book projects is not hidden from anyone. Release of artworks with the hash tag #DCEASED on Taylor’s social media handles was seen at the beginning of the year for a menacing confidential project. In a very short time afterwards, it was found that the belittler were for the frightening miniseries DCeased, which marked an overrun in the DC Cosmos with an Anti-Life equation virus.

Again, the New York Times bestselling comic book author, playwright and screenwriter has returned to satirize us with a new hash tag — #SquadGoalsDC and the art of conceptualization by his evergreen fellow worker Bruno Redondo, probably teasing a reinvigorate of DC’s Suicide Squad.

The writer described the notion with the words, “Thylacine. Soon. #SquadGoalsDC @DCComics @Bruno_Redondo_F” . This conceptual artwork presents a distinct personality named Thylacine, a dark lady with a staff in her left hand with a bag wrapped around her shoulder. It is also visible that underneath Thylacine’s light-brown jacket is a red-and-yellow costume, minus shoes or boots. But still, don’t think that this is for a new Suicide Squad comic as nothing is mentioned clearly by Tom Taylor. The word “Squad” in his hash tag can be thought of giving some clue related to this. editor Andrea Shea has also been tagged by Tom in his tweet who also teamed in with the #SquadGoalsDC hash tag.


A banner with an image of the Suicide Squad has been seen on  Redondo’s Twitter account however it is still concealed if he has always used the artwork, or if he upgraded it in a little while back to reflect an upcoming proclamation. It is worth seeing if this recent tease gains the same pattern as #DCEASED or not. If yes, then we should get revelation about this secret #SquadGoalsDC project in the coming weeks.





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