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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 To Bring In More Deaths Than Season 1

Ken Wakui delivered a masterpiece in the world of anime when he published the Tokyo Revengers manga. With an intense plotline and equally dynamic characters, it was a hit. As a result, the adaptation to an anime was inevitable. Everyone loves a good intense plotline along with character development. And this particular anime provides us with that. After releasing Season 1 of this anime in the spring of 2021, there are talks of Season 2 going around. According to the reports, it will be more tragic than the earlier season.

With such a dark and intense plotline, tragicness is to be expected. It comes in the avatar of losing characters. Ken Wakui did a great job of crafting all the characters of Tokyo Revengers. But he also made people cry over their deaths. For example, we can talk about Keisuke Baji, how people fell in love with him just to lose him. It shows that Wakui has a talent for making people fall in love with fictional beings. This Season had come to an end with happy and sad tears nevertheless one needs to gear up for season 2. Let’s take a look at whose tragic deaths we have to look forward to.

Possible Deaths In The 2nd Season Of Tokyo Revengers-

Emma Sano- Spark Of Adorableness In Tokyo Revengers

Emma Sano
Emma Sano
Image: Pinterest

We do not see the female characters getting much stage time in Tokyo Rangersbut they still will worm their way into your hearts. Emma Sano is a prime example. With her cheerful and adorable self, she makes everyone like her easily, which will make her death 0ne of the cruelest ones. Along with being Draken’s love interest she was also very dearly loved by Mikey. During Tenjiku Arc, Takemichi notices the power she holds in both their lives yet how could Mikey turn out to be so dark. Meanwhile, Kisaki was up again thinking and planning something cruel. Which can be seen being executed during Emma’s death. When Takemichi and Emma were out buying drinks Kisaki comes out on a bike out of nowhere and hits her with a bat. Which results in her instant death and one of the heart-wrenching deaths in the oncoming season.

Izana Kurokawa- One Of The Antagonist In The Anime

Izana Kurokawa
Izana Kurokawa
Image: YouTube

Izana Kurokawa is Mikey’s half-brother and played the role of one of the primary antagonists in the Tenjiku Arc of Tokyo Revengers. Even though he is as strong as Mikey, he’s equally very strongly manipulated by Kisaki. Even though he is one of the antagonists one cannot help but start to sympathize with him. Which puts the audience in a dilemma and somber mood. He meets his ends at the hands of the person whom he followed. Right after Emma’s death Izana dies at hands of the one and only Kisaki. He was trying to save one of his loyal followers from Kisaki but in the end, faced this tragic end.

Tetta Kisaki- The Antagonist of Tokyo Revengers

Tetta Kisaki Tokyo Revengers
Tetta Kisaki
Image: Pinterest

The mastermind who was behind the planning and plotting of every other Arc before the Tenjiku Arc. His dream of creating one of the most dangerous and famous criminal groups in the future had become successful even when Takemichi had time-traveled to alter the future. Kisaki gets wind of something being different about Takemichi. Which prompts Kisaki to target and confront Takemichi to learn the truth. While in a battle to save himself Takemichi gets hold of the gun Kisaki had and runs after him. They both reach an intersection where Kisaki dies after being hit with a truck. Ironically it is the same place as one of the futures where he had killed Hina. With this death, many are bound to be pleased rather than sad. As the saying goes, ‘You Reap What You Sow’.

With this, one can look forward to this new anime season and in the meantime can catch up with season 1 as well as the manga. Enjoy!

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