Tokyo Babylon 2021: Cancelled Due To Plagiarism

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Tokyo Babylon, also known as Tokyo Babylon: A Save Tokyo Story, a Japanese dark fantasy, horror, and occult detective manga series written by CLAMP and art by Makona, was first serialized from 1990-1993 with a total of seven volumes.

While Shinshokan published the manga series, the English translation of the series was published by Dark Horse Comics. Later it was adapted into two-part original video animation series between 1992 and 1994 by Madhouse, and a full anime television series adaptation titled “Tokyo Babylon 2021” was announced.

Reasons For Cancellation of Tokyo Babylon 2021

It was scheduled to be released in the spring season anime in April, but due to several plagiarism cases found by the netizen, the scheduled release date was canceled and was put forth in the future.

After the netizen discovered the anime-referenced outfits of two characters in the anime series about the launch, an investigation revealed that Tokyo Babylon 2021 used several plagiarized outfits and shots.

The cancellation decision was announced on Anime News Network after the production committee told staffs that it had lost faith in the upcoming project of Tokyo Babylon; still, CLAMP and the committee are willing to putting their faith in the series “Tokyo Babylon 2021,” and they’re planning to put together a new production underway.

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Upcoming Release Date

So the release has been delayed, and the series will not be airing as scheduled before April 2021. The expected release date has not been announced yet; the new release date is supposed to be announced soon.

Tokyo Babylon 2021 Subaru Source: CBR

About The Series

The story revolves around the main character, Subaru Sumeragi, a sixteen-year-old who’s a powerful magician working, the thirteenth head of the Sumeragi clan. His clan has been serving the king for centuries, working together with his twin sister Hokuto whose main occupations are to design eccentric clothing for herself and her brother, an exuberant girl, and their mutual friend Seishiro Sakurazuka a kind, 25-year-old veterinarian, to protect Tokyo from supernatural perils by solving various occult mysteries and stumbling upon people needing his help.

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