The Promised Neverland Chapter 151 Review

So we are back with more Promised Neverland content. This time we’ll review the 151st chapter of the smash-hit series by Kaiu Shirai.



So the action begins from where we were left off. A Lambda Member (Zazie was his name I guess) attacked The Queen and she was obviously pushed back by the sudden impact. And just when The Queen thought she’d be able to dodge attacks from Zazie, Two other members of Norman’s team jumped in from the ceiling. I have to say that was a very well done sequence and just like The Queen, I was taken by surprise too.

We then get a few pages explaining how Norman actually planned this sneak attack. Norman’s plan was to actually slow down the Queen by making her fight Giran as it would be pretty much impossible for even Lambda subjects to take her on when she’s a 100℅. Norman also mentioned that they mustn’t allow the Demons to eat the dead corpse and they must keep attacking them as that’s the only way Humans can win this battle.

Then we are sent back to the current time where the battle is commencing. Barbara (The female Lambda subject) notices that the Queen has slowed down considerably and using Giran to slow her down was a huge success. Humans now have the upper hand and they believe that in this battle to the death, they’ll be the victors.

Meanwhile, we also get to see The Queen’s point of view as she pretty much figured out the humans’ intention to wear her out first.

The humans realise that the Queen is extremely strong but even so she’s vulnerable at the moment and this would be a good chance land a damaging blow. They believe Zazie should be the one going for it and as they encourage Zazie, Barbara gets the Queen’s claw shoved through her chest area injuring her heavily.

That angers Zazie, who then charges in with everything he has. He manages to cut the Queen’s arms off but he doesn’t stop there. He again charges in immaturely but the Queen doesn’t seem fazed at all, she regenerates her arm and gets ready to counterattack. While she’s at it, her arms seems to stop moving which allows Zazie to land another blow on her.

We see more members of Norman’s team there. Ready with their weapons.

Then we see a Demon, who thinks that this must be poison. The humans must have slipped it in while attacking. We see more Demons get effected by the poison.

We get to know that poisoning them was part of Norman’s plan and it worked out.

While we are at it, We see Zazie charging in with his blade/sword most likely landing a blow on the Queen.

Overall a great chapter once again. The art was kinda off on this one. But the action sequence is what makes this chapter good. We probably haven’t seen action like this since the Archduke Vs Emma arc and it was fun for sure.

Another great thing about the chapter was that we got to see Norman’s intellectual side for the 1st time in what seems like ages. Reminding us how much of an intelligent bastard the guy really is.

My rating for this chapter would be a 5/5 and I’m all in for the chapter that’s coming out next week.

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