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The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Episode 4: Review

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Episode 4: “15th Birthday.” This episode addresses the twist from the end of the last episode. Misha and Shasha are the same soul, and Anos Figured it out. Anos talked about an ancient spell that separates one soul into two. Misha agrees on what he said because she and Shasha have the same soul divided in half. Ivis Necron created this spell. Anos refer to it as the foolish spell. Misha was enjoying her life as she wants to live her own life before she disappears. Even though Misha goes, her powers will transfer to Shasha, and she will live as a stronger demon. Misha will disappear as soon as she and Shasha meets.

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Anos convince Misha to make good relation with Shasha. Both catch up to Sasha, Misha wonders if Shasha hates her. Shasha challenges Anos to control the magic inside the circle she would create. If Anos is successful, then Shasha will answer all the questions of Misha. Shasha then creates the circle conjuring Zexis and Delt with the magic she has created. Anos figured it out quickly and knew that he could only control Zexis and not Delt.

The Misfit Of Demon King Academy Episode 4
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In The Misfit of Demon King Academy Episode 4, the backstory of Shasha and Misha is illustrated. Shasha, for the last 15 years, was preparing Misha to hate her whenever this moment came. In conclusion, Misha would not agree on unifying with Shasha. But, It is impossible for Misha to hate her, and Shasha couldn’t give her life instead of Misha’s.

Anos has a way to save both of them. Misha and Shasha can survive as twins rather than two halves. For this to happen, Misha and Shasha has to go back in time. Ivis Necron stops Anos by stabbing his heart.

Will time travel stop or interrupt or continue? Watch the misfit of demon king academy episode 4 for the full story. Are you getting butterflies? Because I am!

You can watch full episodes of the Misfit Of Demon King Academy on Tokyo MX, and Crunchyroll. There are different other channels where you may view the streaming episodes, but they might not be in your area.


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