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The Legend Of Korra Ending Simplified

The anime TV series The Legend Of Korra created by Bryan and Michael DiMartino for one and only Nickelodeon. The anime series is continued as a comic book. There are a total of four books of The Legend Of Korra. Moreover, the series has nominated for Annie Awards, Daytime Emmy Award, and Gracie Award. Also, it has won some awards too. The series is one of the motivating series in history. In conclusion, one can watch the series if they haven’t already.

The story is remarkable as the ending scene was two same-gender holding hands fearlessly. The anime is a children cartoon. It created a history. Well, we can say that the LGBTQ+ community stand firm after watching this as we are moving forward in this era. It is essential to open up and accept the same gender love.

Moreover, children’s must know the same. Let us have a detailed outlook on the anime. And know what happened at the end of The Legend Of Korra. You can watch the series on Amazon, and Netflix.


The story of The Legend Of Korra is set after seventy years of Avatar: The Last Airbender. A character Korra is a protagonist. Korra a reincarnation of the protagonists of the previous series. She is an Avatar. Moreover, she has the responsibility of protecting the Republic City. There are total four-season (books) of the series. In first season Korra joins with Tenzin. Using Tenzin’s air blending skills, she sets out to defeat Amon. Amon leads an anti-bending group named Equalists.

The Legend Of Korra
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Then after comes book two. In Spirits, Korra is guided by her uncle. Unalaq masters water-blending techniques. He destroys the whole city, trying to free the spirit of darkness. However, Korra remains unaware of it. The third book ‘Change’ comes with a new antagonist named Zaheer. He serves as the leader of Red Lotus.

Moreover, the third book marks history for Korra. She defeated her first enemy.

How was the ending of The Legend Of Korra?

At the end, a real relationship between Korra and Asami reflected. Both Korra and Asami are in love. They first met while hitting the same man. Both were behind Mano. Korra thought of Asami as pissy bitch.

Moreover, Asami had bitterness against Korra. However, after a period, Asami felt his boyfriend have feelings for her friend. Since Korra appreciated Asami’s intelligence and both were friends. Also, Korra was an incredible girl.

While dating Mako one after other, they still had a strong bond. None, ever drifted away.

After Korra got poisoned, she was treated for long. During that period, she wrote letters to Asami and her parents.

Moreover, Asami felt the same way. She confessed to Korra that she could not lose both her father and Korra in the same fight.

And, the closeness began to expand. In the end, Korra and Asami are walking towards the portal, holding hands. Two people are falling in love slowly. They are opening up with each other about their feelings. How incredible it is!

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