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The God of High School: Mystery of KEY [REVEALED]

The anime series The God Of High School was just an action series until last week. And now as we see the mysterious events unfolding, it is impossible to get over the series. Right now the anime is at the peak of its turning point. For me, The God of High School is a fantastic series with a whole lot of entertainment and some of the best action scenes. And most importantly the “Key” to the mystery. Here’s everything you want to know about the ‘key’!

What is this ‘Key’ in The God Of High School?

Back in the previous episodes of the anime The God of High School, we saw Park Mujin working as the organizer of the ongoing tournaments. And to our surprise, his motive behind working as an organizer of the tournament is something different. In the match, there will be weekly fights. These fights will increase contestant’s stress levels.


The increase in stress levels will benefit Park by awakening “Key” in the participants. Key is a kind of extraordinary power. One who owns Key’s power can challenge God. Hence, Park aims to get access to this Key. But he has people restricting him to do so. A group of people devoted to God called Nox are standing in his way of obtaining Key. Nox aims in destroying the Key by hook or crook.

In recent few episodes of the anime The God of High School, we have hints of who the Key is. It seems like Jin Mori is the Key. Jin Mori is the strongest one in the whole tournament and uses Taekwondo. To Park Ilpyo’s surprise, Jin is his rival and the real Key as well.

Connection Between Park Ilpyo and Jin  Mori:

It is mysteriously intriguing to witness the connection between Park and Mori in the anime.

Back in the anime earlier, Mori’s grandfather who raised Mori alone, asks Ilpyo to “teach him something, if they ever met again in future.

In the present when Mori and Park clash in Group A arena for semifinals. He remembers Mori’s grandfather’s last words. Park usually gets into his opponents head and analyses their weakness, which he later used to bring their morale down, leading to defeat.


Park applies the same approach to Mori. However, he dodges and counters Mori’s every move but fails in attacking him back. Park fails to give damage to Mori. However, he believes he can defeat Mori.

What will be the results of the fight? Will Park gain access to the KEY? Stay tuned to know more insights.

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