The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Will Stream On Disney+! Here’s The Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Major Details

The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Will Stream On Disney+! Here's The Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Other Major Details

So, after all, we have come to know that Loki and The Scarlet Witch are not the only characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to make a jump from the big screen to the streaming services of Disney plus but Falcon and The Winter Soldier are also going to get their own show

The role of The Falcon will be enacted by the Marvel Franchise actor Anthony Mackie and that of the Winter Soldier will be played by Sebastian Stan. This will be a live-action series which will be set within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is highly expected by the fans from over the world to premiere in the fall next year, 2020 on Disney plus.

An account on Twitter that updates everything about Sebastian Stan, shared a poster for the series that debuted during the Disney D23 expo, introduced us the look of Falcon and his new Captain America inspired suit and also we come to know how Winter Soldier will be appearing in the show.

As we have already seen Falcon’s previous costume, we can differentiate the new one is a bit more red, white and blue colours in it. The costume of the Winter Soldier appears to suffer a haircut though since his last appearance in the Avengers: Endgame.

The series of the Falcon and the Winter Soldier will unfurl from the aftermath of the Endgame in which Steve Rogers has decided to give up his shield and along with it, his work to the Falcon. The series will depict the two heroes continuing what they used to do, but in a world without actually a Captain.

At a comic con in San Diego during July, Marvel revealed that the series will surely be premiering in the fall of the year 2020 and explained their plan for phase four.

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