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Tencent to Jump-Start Global Growth, Targets Japan Anime and Manga

Tencent Holdings Ltd. is one of the biggest companies in China. Whether it is any social media messaging app or video games, it is a publisher for all in China. Tencent is popularly for its large productions of games from PUBG to Call of Duty and many more. The company is now focusing on Japan’s animation studios to increase its growth.

As we all know that Japanese Manga and anime series are top-rated outside Japan as well. People of China prefer Japanese Anime and Manga series more than the local markets. Japan’s ACG(Anime Comics Games) franchisees falls under the list of the world’s best entertainment industries. And more importantly, these Japanese ACGs’ are extremely popular in China. This is the only sole reason behind Tencent targeting Japanese Entertainment Industries for its expansion and growth.

Although Japanese creators are not willing to sell their companies. But they are subject to the fear of losing authority over their precious creations. Tencent is attempting to make various deals to gain access to Japan’s anime and manga industries.

Games By Tencent

Tencent investing in Japanese Entertainment Industry:

Recently in April, Tencent brought nearly 20% stakes in Japan’s one of the prominent anime studios. It is now a stakeholder at Marvelous Entertainment with nearly $65 million worth of shares. This resulted in making it the company’s biggest stake-holder. This strategy began long back only. At the beginning of this year, Tencent took proprietary shares in PlatinumGames. Although the value of shares and other terms and conditions regarding this deal are confidential and aren’t available publically.

Tencent is very well succeeding with its new strategy. A strategy of buying shares from creators and various production houses. Rather than buying the companies entirely. Although the founders and executives of the companies are assuring us all that this capital alliance will not affect the anime and their creations.

Tencent is one of the most money-oriented companies. And it solely focuses on the companies growth. It always comes up with new strategies, these strategies have helped it well in maintaining its position over these years. It owns large stakes at some of the very popular video games creating companies like Epic Games. Epic Games is known for the creation of Fortnite. Apart from this it also holds shares in Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft Entertainment of France.

Tencent aims at setting up a universe similar to Marvel. A multimedia franchise, making anime, and manga comics and then later converting them into video games. Tencent is willing to go beyond limits. It is ready to spend extra money as well to gain the rights and stakes of popular Japanese franchises.



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