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Tales Of Crestoria Smartphone Game 15-Minute Anime Short Released. Watch Inside!

Last month the mobile game was launched. This game crossed over a million pre-registers. Bandai Namco entertainment releases the game. Moreover, the genre of the mobile game is RPG. This month the small trailer of fifteen minutes launched. The animation game Tales of Crestoria titled as, “The Wake Of Sin.” 

Kamikaze Douga produces the film. The Wake Of Sin depicts the same introductory section as that of the main story of Tales of Crestoria. Moreover, the starting shows main characters Kanata and Misella starting their journey. While, talking about the upcoming smartphone game, Bandai Namco said, ‘The Wake Of Sin contains choke-full of thrilling battle scenes and top-quality acting.’ Let us know about the release date of the game and more details about the same. To visit the official website of the game, click here.

Have a look at the trailer of the game:

When is the full video of Tales Of Crestoria’s ‘The Wake Of Sin’ releasing!?

Fans are waiting eagerly for the release of The Wake of Sin. Tales of Crestoria had such an impact that before its release there were one million pre-subscribers. On the celebration of Tales of series 25th anniversary, the game will release.

The full version of the video created by the producer will release on October 18, 2020. The game has a lot to offer to fans. SO, get ready for exciting events coming up gamers. One can look forward to many things. Tales of Crestoria has a lot to offer as it has just began. One can feel heavenly world connection while playing this game.

Tales Of Crestoria
Source: Twinfinite

Characters in the game

There are many characters in the Tales of Crestoria game. However, the main character includes:

  • Yuna Azetta – A seventeen-year-old female, having a height of 5 feet and 4 inches. She appears in the main story. Also, her birthday comes on June 20.
  • Orwin Granberg – He is a thirty-four-year-old male. The height of this character, five feet and eleven inches! He also appears in the main story. His birthday comes on April 21.
  • Kanata Hjuger – A fifteen-year-old male, having five feet four inches height. He is also a part of the main story. His birthday comes on January 15.
  • Misella – Heroine of the story. She is a fourteen-year-old female, having a height of five feet and one inch. Her birthday comes on September 6.
  • Vicious – A great transgender person. He has a height of six feet. His birthday comes on May 17. Moreover, he has mastered the use of his both hands. However, he prefers the right hand more.
  • Aegis Alver – An eighteen-year-old male, having a height of five feet eight inches. His birthdate is November 13.

There are other characters such as Cress Albane, Milla Maxwell, Velvet Crown, Leon Magnus, and Luke fin Fabre. 

One can install the game from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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