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Sweet Home Season 2: When Is It Landing On Netflix? All Official Updates Inside

Contributing considerably well to the popularity of K-Dramas around the world and especially through Netflix, Sweet Home has done its job really well with just the first season. And as a consequence, fans have already started bombarding Netflix and the whole team of the show with questions and demands for Sweet Home Season 2. So, this article will give you all the latest details about the second season of the horror series.

Why Is Sweet Home Being Loved?

Well firstly, Korean series have received their much-deserved recognition in recent times and there aren’t many horror genre K-dramas known to people yet. So, being one of the first of its kind, Sweet Home Season 1 managed to impress (and scare :D) many.

It is actually based on Yongchan Hwang‘s webtoon comic with the same name. And to no surprise, Sweet Home is another stunning piece of entertainment by Studio Dragon. For those of you who don’t know, Studio Dragon has produced some of the top most popular K-Dramas right now including Love Alarm, Crash Landing on You, My Holo Love, etc,

Sweet Home Season 2 Revival Status And More

Unfortunately, the official news renewal of Sweet Home for a second season by Netflix hasn’t come yet. It’s just been a few days since Sweet Home came and has already made its mark. However, it is too soon to expect the news of renewal.

So, we may have to wait for quite a long time to be able to watch Season 2 as we don’t even have an official statement. Even if we get it soon, the production process, filming, post-production, etc. is going to take a lot more time before Season 2 of Sweet Home finally hits our screens.


While it may take several weeks or months for revival, we would also like to give you a timeline of the making of Season 1 to prepare yourself for the waiting time. It took 8 months ( June 2019 to February 2020) for the filming alone. And after the whole process, it released a few days ago (December 2020).

So, please be prepared to wait for at least a year and a half for Season 2 of Sweet Home.

Sweet Home Plot

The official synopsis of the first season of the series says,

“An Seon-yeong confronts the greatest monster in her life. Leaving the building, Seo Yi-kyung heads to her fiancé’s office in search of answers. Hyun-su saves the others from a deadly attack. … When a team of outlaws take over the building, the residents are shown how humans can be even more barbaric than the monsters.”

IMAGE: Netflix

Conclusively, it’s clear that as much as you can’t hold back your excitement, it is going to take Sweet Home Season 2 a long time to come to Netflix. However, optimistically speaking, who knows if the creators had already planned for season 2 and have the story ready?

We may get Sweet Home Season 2 sooner in that case! So, let’s hope for the best till there’s an official word.

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