Survive! Inside the Human Body Footage Released!

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Survive! Inside the Human Body (Jintai no Survival!) is now streaming on Toei. The film came out on Toei this Saturday. This film came out along with Ganbareiwa!! Robocon film. Also, It got a double feature in the CG anime short “Spring-Pan Let’s Go!” or “Sprin-Pan Mae e Susumō!”. And also, on July 31st  MX4D screening was also available.



In the above video, Phoebe (Pipi) quickly eats off a big box of cookies. But she accidentally swallows off miniaturized human-body probe ship Hippocrates. In the miniaturized human-body probe ship Hippocrates, her friend Geo and along with him Dr. Brain was present too. 

A Sneak peek into the manga! Image Source: Survive! Inside the Human Body


Survive! Inside the Human Body: More Info

The Survive! Inside the Human Body, the movie is based on the adaptations from the manga Kagaku Manga Survival (Science Manga Survival).  This manga series features the following kids along with teaching us the concepts of basic science in the process. It includes the following characters or voice artists. 

  • Satsumi Matsuda playing the character of Geo
  • Megumi Han playing the character of Pipi (Phoebe)
  • Akira Ishida playing the character of Kei
  • Hiroshi Iwasaki playing the character of Nō-hakase (Dr. Brain)
  • Hiroki Touchi playing the character of Narrator


The director of the film is Mitsuru Nasukawa. Also, The movie storyboarded at Toei Animations. Along with this, Gallop, and Isao Murayama are in charge of the screenplay. Furthermore, Kei Yoshikawa (Asahi Shimbun Publications) is the music composer, and also Akemi Yokota is the character’s designer. 

A sneak peek into the manga.
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The series is originally from South Korea. Hence, it was made by Gomdori Co. and illustrator Hyun-Dong Han. But, the fully colored Manga and study book series came out in 2008. Furthermore, This manga has 9.5 million copies come out in Japan, and also 30 million copies worldwide.

Hence, Toei Animation released a 100-second trailer for the manga. It came out in March 2019. And also, No Starch Press has put out the series in English with the title Survive! Inside the Human Body.