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Summer Time Rendering A Brand New Anime Coming Out Next Summer!

Summer Time Rendering is a name that most of you probably haven’t even heard of and a name that our readers must now instill in their memories. I mean, if you look at the recent trends, the last “Good” suspense anime that our audiences got to watch was The Promised Neverland, and even that took a turn for the worse when its season 2 turned out to be a complete letdown. The truth is that in the past few years, genres like Shounen and Isekai have really taken a huge flight. Mostly because of the amazing hard work of the authors. Therefore, in the spirit of celebrating the genius minds that bring us brilliant stories, We present to our readers a brand new suspense anime that they absolutely must watch.

The thing about writing a suspense novel or manga is that even a single boring chapter can draw away the audience’s attention. The anticipation, the mysteries, the Whos and the What’s, and above all, The Waiting! This is what makes the Suspense genre one of the most entertaining to read/watch and most difficult to write.

In the past years, we have seen some of Japan’s finest creations like the supernatural/Horror suspense show Shiki, Erased, and ofcourse this list is incomplete without the mention of detective Conan. Therefore, get ready for 2022 as Summer Time Rendering can be the best new thing!

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The plot of Summer Time Rendering is centered around Shinpei Ajiro, who, after his parents’ untimely death, spent most of his childhood living with the Kofune Sisters Mio and Ushio. Now, a fully-fledged adult, Shinpei resides in Tokyo, only to once again be struck by the news of a great tragedy. Shinpei finds out that Ushio has drowned in her attempt to save the young Shiori Kobayakawa. As he reaches his home, the island where he grew up to mourn Ushio’s demise, he is taken aback when he sees her corpse.

The cause of death, which was officially stated to be drowning, confuses him immensely as he sees hand marks around Ushio’s neck, prompting him to believe that she was murdered. Seeing the silence of the whole island on this matter, Shinpei realizes that something is really strange is going on on this Island. Rumors of dangerous beings lurking on the shores after dark begins to surface and Shinpei’s dream of Ushio asking him to save Mio begins to torment him even more.

As Shinpei tries to solve the mystery of Ushio’s death, a dark fact soon dawns on him; nobody is safe anymore. He soon comes to realize that Ushio’s death was only the beginning. 



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