Star Wars: What We'd Like to See in a Lando TV series

Make Star Wars Money Entertaining

As Lando is quick to remind people, he is sometimes a legitimate businessman, and knows his way around running Cloud City as well as he knows how to play cards. The Empire Strikes Back shows him as a competent leader motivated to protect his people from the Empire, and not just because he needs them to make a profit.

Admittedly, it’s hard to make the details of finance and numbers interesting enough visually to carry a whole episode, let alone an entire series, especially with science fiction currency that needs to mean something to the casual viewer. But if anyone can figure out how to make viewers invested in the Coruscant stock market or something along those lines, Lando would be a good character for it.

Or maybe the show should stick to Sabacc.

Explore Lando’s Family, Without Making The Universe Smaller

The Rise of Skywalker implied that ex-stormtrooper Jannah may or may not have been Lando’s kidnapped daughter. It was an odd conversation, presenting with a wink and a nudge something important and emotional that may or may not have happened.

However, the subject of Lando’s family is still interesting as long as Star Wars avoids a big pitfall. It’s not a good look to imply that most of the Black characters in the series are related, even if Finn, Jannah, and background characters have improved the franchise’s often wildly skewed racial demographics. The Dark Times would be too early to show any connection to Jannah anyway, and Lando isn’t one to settle down.


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