Leonardo DiCaprio Reveals He Still Has Not Understood ‘Inception’

The Inception ending implied his character was house or nonetheless in a fantasy world

Inception arrived at movies ten years again but the closure retains on bewildering watchers. Any outdated watcher but additionally Leonardo DiCaprio, the Oscar-winning on-screen character who performs the professional cheat Dom Cobb within the movie.

Addressing Marc Maron on the comic’s digital recording, DiCaprio made the affirmation whereas discussing As soon as Upon a Time in Hollywood co-star Brad Pitt’s failure to make clear the completion of Advert Astra, saying of the Inception ending,

Michael Caine performed DiCaprio’s character’s dad within the film

I’ve no clue what occurred. You’re centred round your character, man, DiCaprio included, by way of EW. The on-screen character clarified that, whereas he ordinarily makes an attempt to cowl himself with the story, When it got here to writer-director Chris Nolan and his mind and the way that was altogether sorted out, all people was all the time attempting to assemble that confuse.

Requested whether or not the Inception ending implied his character was house or nonetheless in a fantasy world, DiCaprio acknowledged: It depends upon the attention of the spectator, I presume. A yr in the past, Michael Caine, who performed DiCaprio’s character’s dad within the film, gave a solution affirmed by Nolan himself: After I bought the content material of Inception, I used to be considerably confounded by it, and I stated to Nolan,

‘I don’t comprehend the place the fantasy is.’ I acknowledged, ‘When is it the fantasy and when is it a actuality?’ He stated, ‘Nicely once you’re within the scene, it’s existence.’ So, get that – in case I’m in it, it’s the world. I’m not in it; it’s a fantasy.


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