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Star And Stripe! A Disciple Of All Might? MHA Manga Chapter 328

Star And Stripe
Star And Stripe Image: MHA Manga Chapter 328

Star And Stripe, the number one hero from the United States Of America, is coming to Japan to help her master in need. Her master is none other than the former number one hero of Japan, “All Might.” Yes, Star And Stripe is his disciple. Shocked to know this? Well, everyone is. Want to see how this is possible? Then read this article till the end, and you will know-how.

Who Is Star And Stripe And Some Speculations About Her:

Well, every universe is incomplete without a hero from America whose flashiness spreads through all of the fictional universes. Star And Stripe are just that; she is America’s #1 Hero. With a costume with stars and stripes all over and a smile just like All Might.

Debut Of Star And Stripe:-

She debuted in the latest MHA Manga Chapter 328 titled, “NO MAN IS AN ISLAND,” and claims All Might is her master. Since Tartarus has crumbled and the whole of Japan is in the same state. The government of Japan asked other countries to help them to help stabilize the condition.

They soon realize that every country is in chaos, and they need the heroes just like Japan. But when All Might requested America to help, they could not turn down his request. But before the American government, Star And Strip could not help herself and leave as soon as she knew. Whether she was really a disciple or just a fanatic will be told in the story. But the first possibility is more correct as All Might did spend some of his youth in America.

All Might’s Time In America:-

When All Might was in America, his partner was David Shield. He was the one who designed his costume. He was introduced in My Hero Academia The Movie: Two Heroes. There the duo became famous, and this was the time when Toshinori Yagi, a.k.a. All Might was in his prime. It could very well happen that he took this hero under his supervision in that period, and now she is the #1 hero just like her master.


It’s being speculated that in the upcoming story, Star And Stripe will become a subordinate of All For One and Shigaraki. One thing is for sure she packs quite a suspense in herself. We can see that in her quirk, sometimes hero names can say something about their quirk, but we are getting no idea about her quick from her hero name.

What Happened In MHA Manga Chapter 328?

Hero Killer Stain

Hero Killer Stain
Image: MHA Manga Chapter 328

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The chapter gave us an idea of how Stain gets ahold of the information in Tartarus that he passed onto All Might. After getting free from his cell, Stain immediately killed a criminal and went on to collect information on what was happening in the world. He goes to the control room only to find it demolished and every guard killed except for one. That guard was holding on to some box, a box full of information about the Tartarus.

Guard then begs Stain not to pass it to the bad ones and that the package should reach heroes. Guard also asked whether he was a beast or a man, to which he tells him he is an ally but in the form of a beast. After escaping from the prison, he updated himself with what happened when he was inside the jail. He then goes into the search of the only person he can trust; All Might. To respect the guard’s conviction and to pass the information to him since it was useless for Stain as he could not understand what it was.

A Radio Wave Quirk OR Vestiges?

After getting the information, AllMight gave it to Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi. After analyzing the disc, he tells him that it contains how AFO and Shigaraki were conversating with RadioWaves. Sansa then says that it can be possible that AFO was communicating through his vestiges inside Shigaraki. But All Might clears the fact that it is not possible as this is a one-way communication, as he is unable to communicate with the vestiges inside Izuku; however, vestiges can.

He further adds that he was only able to connect with the vestiges when he was in contact with Izuku, and that can be very well the case that AFO also will not be able to contact Shigaraki such far away. On analyzing the radio waves, it was clear that the two AFO were indeed using a radio wave quirk to communicate. On decoding the wave pattern, they find out that only 3 days are left in completion of Shigaraki as a vessel for AFO.

All For One

All For One and Shigaraki
Image: MHA Manga Chapter 328

Then at Toshinori’s request, UN heads meet to discuss AllMight’s request for assistance. Whether they should send heroes and leave themselves vulnerable or not, some believe that all this chaos is due to AFO. While some members insist on wanting to help the USA’s number 1 hero, Star, And Stripe, has already left to help her master.

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