Spider-Man’s dead because of Sony and Marvel split


On 20th August 2019, Tuesday the deal between Sony Pictures and Marvel studio broke which concerned Spider-Man. Now it’s up to Marvel Studios whether Spider-man will still star or not!
The fans are upset regarding the issue; however, there’s still little hope that legacy will continue. Sony pictures state that there is a possibility that the situation may change in future. But for now, due to increased responsibility on Kevin, he’s not able to perform well in his domain. And so, for now, the deal is cancelled.

Disney decided that Kevin Feige will not continue as a lead producer of next Spider-Man film, Sony Pictures states their disappointment.
Last movie together was SpiderManFarFromHome which viewers loved. The box-office collection of the film is $1.110 billion; it is 26th highest-grossing film.
Peter Parker aka Spider-Man is gone for now……
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