Sony Says ‘Door is Closed’ on Spider-Man in the MCU… For Now

It seems like amazing days of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe truly are over for good. In the previous month, an announcement about the cleavage of Marvel Studios from Sony Pictures shocked the MCU world and all the MCU fans. The severe efforts by fanscast members and even Tom Holland’s own father didn’t work out to get the differences solved between Marvel and Sony. At Variety‘s Entertainment & Technology summit, Sony Pictures chairman Tony Vinciquerra disclosed the heartbreaking news about the severing of ties between the two companies with the words, “for the moment, the door is closed”. To glance at the return of the Spiderman crawling the walls in the MCU is a dream to wait a little longer for the Spider-Man fans.

Sony’s Chairman focused on the statement that there is no ill will amidst the two companies and gave a clue at the intention in the future by saying, “It’s a long life”. This line told by him is a hope for all the fans that in future Spider will return to the Marvel world. Vinciquerra moreover demurred to many Marvel fans’ belief about Kevin Feige being accountable for Spider-Man’s huge box office success since he joined the MCU. At the beginning of this week, Tom Holland conveyed his own credence that Sony is very much ambitious and capable to handle the Spidey character without Marvel Studios’ input. He added that that the heritage of Spidey rests in Sony’s safe hands and he is nothing but extremely thankful.

Sony is now aggressively looking forward with its own pictorial cosmos stressing mainly on Spider-Man characters. Vinciquerra remarked the Phil Lord and Christopher Miller-produced Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as one of its non-Marvel Spider-Man victorious stories. Also told that there’s a lot more to come, in inclusive of a Venom sequel, a Morbius film featuring Jared Leto, and “five or six” shows based on the Spider-Man world. Now we will see the tragedies and happenings of Sony’s Spider-Man Universe separated from MCU.

Tony praised the MCU world by describing them as terrific people but at the same time he sentenced his own people as terrific and gave importance on his statement, “I think we’re pretty capable of doing what we have to do here.” It is still very disheartening for the MCU fans to accept the fact about the divergence of Sony and MCU as one had never imagined such outburst ever in future but let’s hope that again MCU and Sony get united in future and the wonders of Spider-Man again getting explored.

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