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Slow Loop A Slice-of-Life Anime Coming Out Pretty Soon!

Families can be tough, they can make you feel the most loved person on earth and also make you wanna kill yourself at the same time. However, without a strong family, our lives would be pretty much meaningless. Not often do we see a slice of life anime based on families and their c0omplicated relationships but Slow Loop, an upcoming anime is going to change all of that. Therefore, if you’re in for a meaningful anime with a lot of tear-jerking moments then do not forget to read this entire post.

The story of slow loop initially begins around Hiyori⁠ a young girl, who was taught everything about fishing by her beloved father who is now no more. To reminisce her father’s memories and to cherish what he had taught her while he was alive, one day hiyori goes out to see alone, to find some peace and quiet as well as some “me” time. However, she is absolutely shocked to see another girl also in the middle of the ocean named Koharu.

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Both the girls are now left in absolute shock after encountering one another, that too in the middle of the damned ocean! The girls end up spending some time together doing fishing and cooking meanwhile getting a chance to know each other a bit better. It is during this time when Hiyori reveals to Koharu that the reason why she drifted to the sea alone was that she was anxious to meet her new family that evening. However, what a coincidence it turns out that Koharu was also going to meet her new family tonight! Yep, you guessed it correctly! The story of Slow Loop will revolve around the complicated family life of Hiyori and Koharu who are technically now each other’s sisters!

Therefore, If you are into some heartful family drama and are excited as to how the events of this story will turn out then make sure to keep an eye out for Slow Loop which is going to get released in January 2022! Also, make sure to check out its latest trailer (link attached below). 




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