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Shirobako Returning To Japanese Theatres: All The Details Inside

Shirobako (Gekijō-ban Shirobako) movie’s official website and Twitter account made an announcement on Wednesday. The information was that the film will come back to seven theaters in Japan on August 28. Also, with “remastered, upgraded” footage in comparison to its first release.

Also, The theaters which are participating will screen two different videos. The first one has cast of four members —

The first video will come out in the first week of each theater. Also, the second video will come out after the first week.

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Shirobako: More Updates

The theaters will give each one of the audience a few bonus gifts. These are those gifts that given out at the time of the first six weeks of the movie’s original run. Each one of the sets contains:

  1. two mini sketch reproductions
  2. a magnet sheet
  3. a set of five reproduction animation pencil sketches
  4. a booklet for the film-within-the-film SIVA
  5. clip of actual film from the movie’s reels.

The plotline of the film’s story is set four years after the occurrences of the original Shirobako anime. Aoi Miyamori is always busy while bearing with the ordinary issues in her daily work at Musashino Animation. After attending a meeting in the morning, Watanabe speaks with Aoi. Also, he makes her the in charge of a new theatrical anime project for the studio.

But unfortunately, The project has many unexpected issues. Also, Aoi is not sure about the acceptance of the company with a theatrical anime especially in its current state of problems. While handling all these issues, Aoi meets up with a new colleague. Also, Her name is Kaede Miyai. She is voiced by Ayane Sakur.  She along with the MusAni team together for the completion of the project.

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